You know, when I posted last, I’d have thought my next post would be about Bourjois new CC cream, or Guerlain’s stardust technology that they’ve applied to their reformulated meteorites, or even a little progress report on Bowyer Bell’s book on the IRA – I swear, just getting through one page takes 30 minutes! But…

The Bright Side of Life

For some reason it’s always easier to write this time of the winter solstice. Not long now ’till the sun returns.  

Walking the dog

You know that feeling when you’re out walking/jogging in winter and a pair of skiiers pass you by while you wait so as to not get in their way downhill, only to outrun them up the next? No? Just us, then.

Winter Has Come

I’ve been having a guilty concience of late. I’ve so many blog posts to write, and so little time to do it. Or, I’ve had time, I just haven’t had the energy. Also, when it comes to beautyblogging, the time of year is making it hard for me. I know! The festive season should be…

Hope you have an enjoyable Easter.

It’s been snowing almost continuously since Wednesday. Heavily. Meaning officials recommends people leave the skiing be for now, and instead keep the sofa company. Not a fan of skiing, myself, I’ve taken that advice to heart, only going out to go to work. Of course that meant braving snow to the middle of my thigh….