From My Phone

Hey, all. I’d just like to say that I am so glad people keep popping by the site in spite of the lack of posts. Belfast is very kind to me, and I can’t believe just how quickly the weeks are passing by. Going to leave yous for now with a few snaps from my…

Hard to read

It’s hard to focus on Bowyer Bell when my new mani is calling for attention. First of all, the perfectionist in me is not quite content. Second, that colourcombo is gorgeous. New shades from Mavala, Orange Sunset and Treasure, needless to say I was very excited to see them in store yesterday.

What On Earth Could You Possibly Use All Those Brushes For?

Heard that one before? Well, contouring, that’s what. I can sit on the sofa or be walking home from volleyball practice when I’ll suddenly decide to practice the fine art of sharpening cheekbones, softening jawlines, enhancing lips and enlarging the eyes. Apparently a Kardashian (isn’t that something from Star Trek?) has made the technique know…

Thursday morning musings – that feeling

You know that feeling when you’re on the go and about to put on a bold lippie – and you’ve based everything else around that lipstick – only to discover that you’ve brought the wrong shade? No? Just me? Oh.

Baby’s First Snowfall

Sorry ’bout the lack of updates, but I’ve been, and still am, sick with a cold that just won’t let go. I do have a post planned, though, and if I can manage it, it’ll be up tonight. So here’s a sneek peak for yous. In other news, King Winter’s arrived in Tromsø, to the…

Dior no. 813 and three things I’ve learned this morning.

1. Dior’s lipstick no. 813 feels so good on lips you’ll forget that you’re wearing it. 2. It works surprisingly well with a purple liquid eyeliner. 3. I really need a new phone, because it’s kind to call the quality of pics taken with my current phone poor. Happy Monday!