The Teylamail 32 – Challenge accepted: What will you do for tomorrow?

Wow! Sorry ´bout the absence, lads, but I’ve been busy. And then I was sick. And then busy again, and I´ll stay that way a long time it seems. Here’s what’s been going on with me and Mam.

Last summer we had the best time going on hikes nearby, and then there were a few peaks in Lofoten and Helgeland that we had to visit. It was splendid, I tell yous. Marvellous! But then my Dad found a lump. Not just any lump, but a lump on me, and he and Mam got distressed. If you follow us on instagram you already know all about all of this. Anyway, I got to visit the vets at Evidensia – one of my favouritest of favourite places – and they decided Lumpy had to go. That was less than pleasant, they drugged me, cut me open, Mam and Dad were acting strange, I had to wear a onesie, it hurt, and I had stitches, but it all turned out very well. I missed out on a few hikes, which was no fun at all, and Lumpy, we were informed, were malignant, but every trace of it is gone and I am well.

Then Mam got to talking about this thing she wanted to do, and after talking it through we decided to Nike and just do it! We are going to run!

Obviously, I am a natural, but Mam is a slow runner, so I convinced her we should ask for all of yous to cheer us on, so from now and until mid-June we’ve got our very own little fundraiser going through Norwegian People´s Aid. Funds raised through will go to their breeding and training centre for mine detection dogs (read more).

We chose this because it is a long-running cause that makes for a safer environment now and tomorrow, and because it is dogs helping humans.

If that is not your thing, however, but you still have something to share, we would love it if you would consider helping our friends in Ireland give their son a better tomorrow. Through her blog, has occasionally shared bits and pieces of his life, so I really like this boy, and I like to think that Mam and Dad can relate in a small way. You can read all about it here.

What will you do for tomorrow?

Love, Miss T and Mam.




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