Instant #glowmo

SAMSUNG CSCSometimes something will pop up in your social media feed that you can´t stop thinking about, and for me one of those products were the Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a palette in “Beauty glow”. The second I saw it in Alessandra Steinherr´s feed  I knew there was no turning back. No unseeing that palette. In spite of all my reservations – it appeared large and impractical, the colours might not be right for me, varying consistency with regards to eyeshadows – I had to have it. Shortly after the launch the palette made its way to the arctic north and into my collection.

I am not overly fond of palettes that contain a bit of this and a bit of that. More often than not I find that they are large and lumpy and that I won’t use half the shades. Not so with the Beauty Glow palette. It is the size of a CD cover, for those of you who remember CDs. Those of you who don´t, just take my word for it that it is indeed a very handy and practical compact that will fit neatly in your bag.


What I enjoy the most is probably the ease of use. There´s no messing this up, just follow through the numbers 1-7 – brighten, enhance and smoke around the eyes, sculpt with the bronzer, swish the red-brown shade along your cheeks, pop the pink onto the apples of the cheeks and highlight. And because of the handy presentation and the soft colours I actually have it all applied within five minutes.

Colourwise, it´s a very warm palette, perhaps too warm for my skin come December, but after our short holiday in Spain earlier, and with the warmer light of late spring it works lovely with my skin tone.

I have wondered about the “swish” shade, a reddened brown shade, a lot darker than the “pop”. I am surprised that Charlotte Tilbury opted for such a dark shade as the “swish”, as the idea is to give a soft natural glow. I do however find that it adds a bit more structure to my face than do the bronzer alone, and a bit of a flush that looks as though I spend my days doing healthy stuff outdoors all the time. I love applying a bit of this to the crease and outer v of my lids, as it adds a bit more depth to the overall look. Word of caution, though, for fair skins less is more with this one. Seriously. Use a fluffy brush and a light hand, or run the risk of looking muddy.

The bronze and highlight shades are different enough to justify owning this and the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and like the shades in that palette, these too doubles as eyeshadows.


The textures are lovely, and there is no noticeable fallout upon application. Normally I would have applied my eye makeup before my base so as to not disturb the latter whilst cleaning up the fallout, or in the event that I should be unhappy with the finished look, not have to wash away ten minutes worth of work in order to reapply. This is very difficult to mess up, bar that swish shade, and has been my go-to for the past weeks.

The Charlotte Tilbury line seems to me somewhat inconsistent in quality and ease of use, but this palette is definitely worth the hype, and works for novices and the more makeup savvy alike to achieve that #glowmo.

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