Twelve Shades Of Neutrals


Ah, the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The best way to get your hands on wearable quality eyeshadows in beautiful neutrals. You´d think if you had a palette like Tonka Imperiale or Cuir Cannage, you´d have all the browns you´d ever need. Reality is a lot different, though, and these neutral tones are actually quite addictive. Me, I´ve got six of ´em – The Nakeds –  and I´ve tried a number of other, similar ones. People are getting giddy about fifty shades of grey? Well, I´m all about one hundred and twenty three shades of brown. And then a some of the Irish bloggers and then Emma and Makeupmonster had their say, I think it was on Snapchat, and in the end the Naked Ultimate Basics was  as irresistible to me as a bar of delicious chocolate during a Netflix binge sesh. Even more!

This isn´t going to be a swatchy post. The light up here hasn’t allowed for it in a while, and what daylight hours we have I spend either working or snowjoring with Miss T. Anyways, there are plenty of good swatches out there – as a friend once told me, Google is your friend.

The palette consists of 11 matte shades, and one satin shade that works lovely on fair skin as a discreet highlight. I obviously can´t speak for darker tones, but for us pale-faced creatures of the arctic and the fair-skinned Irish, the potential is strong in this one. Whether you like a sheer wash, a deep smokey eye or any and everything in between, this palette has you covered.

The texture is nice, as long as you dip rather than swirl your brush around in the pans. And as is often the case when it comes to Urban Decay eyeshadows, a little goes a long way because they are fairly saturated.

I find it compliments the rest of my stash nicely, whether I´m using a Vice palette, one of my shimmery Charlotte Tilbury and Guerlain palettes or any of my other Naked palettes from the brand. There is a variety of cool, neutral and warm that lets it play nicely with the whole lot of ´em.


I´ve noticed there is a strong resemblance to the UDxGwen palette, with the main difference being the satin/shimmer/glittery shades of the latter. The UDxGwen palette also has a few pops of colour, while the Ultimate Basics is, as the name implies, a palette consisting of neutral, basic eyeshadows. Yes, the two palettes are as different as one Naked palette from the other. To be fair, the BF would likely say they aren´t different at all, but that guy can´t tell a plum/burgundy smokey eye from a bronze smokey eye, so what does he know? In other words if you´re not a collector or a makeupjunkie you probably only need the one or the other.

About the case itself, it has got a good sized mirror. The BF likes using my palettes to check the back while cutting his hair, so I´ve had to hide it from him. Now, I do like being able to see my whole face in the mirror, but this makes the palette less compact, and thus less practical for travel.

There is a brush included, but I hardly ever use it, as it is very dense and I prefer a fluffier application tool. Urban Decay´s Tapered Blending and Smoky Crease brushes are instant favourites in my book.

Now, the reality check.

I like to think some of yous are pretty low-key with regards to makeup, meaning that you don´t necessarily want to put too much effort in it if it´s a choice of getting ten more minutes of shuteye or applying eyeshadow. Now,I´ve touched on this before, and I know a lot of people find palettes such as this a bit daunting. “How many colours should I use for a look?” “But I only use one or two in a palette.” “I don´t know which colours to put together.” “All these colours confuse me.” If this is you, you´re not going to like this palette. It looks pretty, sure, it´s great colours and it´s all grand, terrific value for money and all that jazz. If you think you´ll be inspired by it, go right ahead. But if not, well, you´re not going to get out of the door any faster staring at twelve shades that you don´t know what to make of.

Those of you whose approach to makeup is more similar to mine, you´re going to want this palette no matter what I say, but thank you for reading anyways.



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  1. Tora says:

    There seems to be alot of variety to the shades, at least to me they don’t really look to all be brown in these pictures, but all the lightest shades on the left look very similiar. Do they still look alike when swatched? The colours seems like they would suit my pale complexion well, and my blue eyes too.

    Two years ago this palette would have been way too large for me, but after having switched between the two naked palettes from Loreal that I own, I find that I want more choices. This one, if I had it, would work nicely as a permanent fixture in my bathroom, but I probably would not bring it with me anywhere. But then again I never bring the ones I have now either. I should most likely get myself a 4 shade palette that I could take with me to work, as I always show up “naked” in the mornings.

  2. sirilovise says:

    Oh, I don’t mean to say it’s all brown in this palette, there’s a neutral pink, a grey and a black, along with the beige and cream shades. My point is rather that I have umpteen shades of skin-tones, bronzes, coppers and brown – neutrals. They swatch pretty close to pan, but the pink pulls warmer on me, the deep burgundy becomes more of a deep brown. Just the kind of nifty trick my skin does to some products.
    I think you would like most of the shades, but when doing makeup at work or on the go a four-pan is a lot more handy. You might want to consider the naked basics, which is only half the shades, but with transition shades as well as lighter and deeper colours.
    You could try inglot and build your own palette?

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