The Quick and Casual


I had these good intentions to get back to blogging regularly back in November, and even took quite a few photos in spite of the poor lighting conditions. Not being willing to invest in whatever lighting equipment and whatnots other people use, I am more or less doomed to settle for a cool murky setting for my fall/winter blog photography. Perhaps this is why I´ve a history of spamming my blog with posts in the first half of the year, before fading into the occasional instagram post come October. There seems to be a strong correlation between my satisfaction with my photography, and my posting. But there also seems to be a strong correlation between outings with Miss T and posting. And lack of sleep and lack of posts.

Well, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and whatever the reason I´ve finally sat myself down with a bit of something something that I´ve been meaning to write for ages, but never got around to. Most likely because I was unhappy with the picture, hough never mind that now.

I tried the Guerlain 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow in Tonka Imperiale some time before the launch, the initial verdict being

  • easy to use
  • versatile
  • casual smokey eye
  • satin/silk finishes
  • suits a lot of different skins

Though, when studying my selfie later that day I found that I either used too light a hand, or that the shades were not intense enough for my personal preferences. Nonetheless, these are the kind of shades that pretty much everyone should have in their makeup arsenal. And so, having had it in my collection for 20 weeks, according to my instagram, what are my current thoughts?

Admittedly, since changing jobs I´ve been rather lazy with regards to makeup, as you might have gathered from my previous post. This is mostly due to my walking to work in the morning and with the weather we´ve been experiencing, and the sweat, eyemakup simply hasn’t been a priority. I mean, get up at six and put all that work into a look that will be running down my face before I even get to work, no matter what primer and setting spray I use. If that´s not a waste of time, I don´t know what is.

In other words, this palette hasn’t seen as much use as it deserves. Even so, its casual nature has made it a go to for days when I knew I´d be going out for coffee after work and didn´t feel like opting for a shimmery look. In spite of one shade having a bit of sparkle, this is not a shimmery palette. At least not by my standards.

It has a very “French” feel, if your idea of a French woman is someone with clean skin and a smokey eye, a shade or two darker than her skin. Just something she slapped on along with a bit of liner before running out the door. Only, I don´t seem able to achieve that look.

The shades are basic. A pale, almost white pink with a hint of sheen – great base or highlight shade, a somewhat more satiny taupe brown – I like to apply this one all over the moving lid, into the crease and along the lower lash line, a darker brown with a touch of warmth – not as much as in the photograph, beautiful crease colour, somewhat darker than Urban Decay Naked, a satin bronze with micro glitter and a coffee brown.

There are deep dents in this palette, especially when compared to UD palettes that I have had in my possession for quite a bit longer than this one. That might be because the shades appeal more to me and that there aren´t so many shades to choose from that one gets confused, adding up to the palette seeing more use. However, I have noticed that I dip my brush into the shades and layer this a lot more than I do the others, in an attempt to achieve the sought-after look. More often achieving a muddy result through layering and blending, than that casually smudged eye that would not look out of place when meeting with the girls for lunch, nor for a night out dancing.

To conclude, I find that the feel of this is similar to the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes for me. It is not a palette that will wow the picky and the choosy, the ones who are accustomed to dense and saturated colour, who are forever on the search for the perfect palette or the eyeshadow formula to end all eyeshadow formulas. The one. If you know what I mean, you know who you are. That said, you have to admit, it looks quite sleek and fancy in that shine black case with the gold button.

If, however, you are in the market for a palette to take anywhere, that doesn´t contain umpteen colours you don´t know what to do with, if you are afraid of messing up, you need a foolproof palette that won´t have you looking like a panda, something quick and easy, nothing too intense – well, this one is for you.


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