Shame, shame, shame…


And for once I am not referring to one of my favourite shades of lipstick (Urban Decay). No, I´ve just about had it. The other day a male co-worker decided to tell me “You don´t need all this stuff!” referring to my lip balm, gloss and hand cream lying in the drawer at the counter where I´m currently working as an SA, before continuing rather brusquely, at least from my point of view “We all saw you when you came in this morning, you can go like that easily. We all see there´s a difference, not that you make such enormous changes.”

Some might consider it a compliment, but the tone of voice and choice of words suggested this was merely him voicing his opinion on my wearing makeup. From my point of view, he presumed that his opinion on my choice of wearing make up to be significant. If I hadn´t been so horrified at his behaviour I might have told him that I quite frankly don´t give a shit. As it was, I stood there, appalled, listening to his tirade, apparently feeling very much justified somehow in shaming me for wearing makeup.

For reference, I was wearing some brow pencil and mascara, a bit of concealer, a few drops of CC cream and powder.

So there you are, ladies. We can´t win. Either we´re wearing too much, or not enough.

I am strongly considering putting on a full face of makeup for work tomorrow.

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  1. Mai says:

    You go girl! But I feel there’s something disharmonious in wearing red lipstick and sporty/outdoorsy-type clothing at the same time. But we should change that!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Actually, I´ve done that as well, and worn my lucky red with that blue shirt. Funny how different people responded to me. Of course, it might have been a day with many happy visitors/customers, but I think it was the red lip that made people respond more positively to me.

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