La Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

It´s becoming pretty obvious that I am in love with two of Charlotte Tilbury´s Limited Edition Luxury Palettes, but what about the permanent lineup? Well, in spite of myself and my apprehension after having had the Vintage Vamp palette applied and found that it aged me 10 years, I am now the owner of the Dolce Vita Palette.

I do love brown eyeshadow, and have about umpteen different ones, but most of them are in larger palettes, and sometimes it would be nice to have just a sliver of a compact. This looks elegant, and I love that there´s no space wasted on extras such as the teeny tiny brushes I hardly ever use. I am missing the stars decorating the exterior of my Fallen Angel and Legendary Muse palettes, but it makes it easy to tell apart from the other two when I´m in a hurry.

Dolce Vita

The palette consists of four shades. Prime, which is a lightly shimmering cream-beige. Reminds me a bit of white chocolate, really. The enhance is a reddened brown, this too with a sprinkling of shimmer. The smoke shade is a darker, cooler brown that sometimes lean a bit khaki. The pop shade is a glittery copper. It reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Moondust, but sheer. That said, it is more dense than the pop shade of Legendary Muse. The shades are dupable, but it is really handy having them all put together in a neat little compact like this.

I´ve tried a few of the tutorials by Charlotte Tilbury, but I wasn´t WOW´ed by the palette until I watched the “Smokey Eye ´Til I Die” in which she applies the look on herself. It works for a simple daytime smokey eye, but where it shines is the effortlessness with which it can be amped up to a full-on dramatic, luxurious smokey eye, with or without sparkles. Within 30 mins I had gone through all the stages and was surprised at how hypnotising my eyes appeared. And yes, it had all the feels of Sophia Loren.

And on that note…

Bond Girl

I do love Charlotte´s Matte Revolution Lipsticks, so in the spirit of the festive season I placed an order for Bond Girl to go with the palette, and it is every bit as good as it says in the blurb. Like the Very Victoria is indeed very Victoria, this lipstick should be listed in the credits of every Bond movie.

On me it is a bit darker than my natural lip colour, feeling almost like a nude in spite of being a red-brown, not quite brick red, but not quite brown either. But very vampy. Also, the formula of this lipstick does something magical to lips. It´s not that I have small lips, or anything, but unlike so many other mattes, this makes my lips appear plumper, fuller, softer. It is not super matte, more like the sheen of silk, which I think really helps achieve that hydrated look.

Bond Girl

The combination of the two is absolutely gorgeous, though you´ll have to take my word for it, as good sources of light are hard to come by these days hereabouts, and I´m mostly at work during the daylight hours. I can see this working for a lot of people, and those who have been wanting to try red/burgundy eyeshadow, but are worried about looking like their eyes are swollen, the enhance shade is reddened enough that this is a good place to familiarise yourselves with the idea.

All in all, I think these are two brilliant products, great for anyone who needs something that makes a lot of impact even when you´re short on time.

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  1. Tora says:

    I like that palette! It looks like it would be all I need for my everyday use, unless there’s very much shimmer to it😊

    1. sirilovise says:

      It´s quite shimmery. I was planning on doing a review for a few palettes I think you might enjoy, but work happened, and now I´m not sure the lighting is adequate. Actually felt quite silly today, after having struggled to get the settings right on the other pics I´ve done lately, and only now remembering to do the ISO, so there is hope. 🙈

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