My Picks From Guerlain Holiday 2016

Guerlain Holiday 2016

I am trying really hard to avoid picking up beauty products that won´t be used more than a couple of times, though there will always be some exceptions to a rule like that. Untouchables, with embossing that is too perfect for words, and Guerlain´s bottles of fairy dust that they sometimes launch with their holiday collections.

And on that note, here are my picks from this years´collection.

I´m not going to go into detail about the background of the collection, but it was created in collaboration with Natalia Vodianova, face of the brand and of Shalimar. Shalimar turned 90 last year, so this is the collection I would´ve launched a year ago, but better late than never, right?

Guerlain Holiday 2016

I love bronzer, and this one was a no-brainer. I´ll admit, it is kind of an untouchable, but from what little I swatched it is a golden, translucent bronze, less red than some of the summer LEs that they´ve released previously. I imagine it might work as a highlighter for some with medium to dark skin. Sorry, but that´s all you´re getting on this one for now.

Guerlain Holiday 2016

I love lipsticks, and in particular red lipsticks. Unfortunately the shade doesn´t go to well with my work uniform, but a creamy, bright red like this, with the tiniest touch of pink is such a grand pick-me-up, that it makes me happy just to look at. Bonus for the little blue button detail.


If I needed any more convincing, I was pleased to see that the shade was quite similar to another favourite of mine, Urban Decay´s 69. The broad swipe is Rouge Saphir, and L-R is Guerlain Rouge Parade, UD 69 and Guerlain Greta.

I actually forgot to take a pic of the Météorites Perles de Legende, but it is a gorgeous tin filled with skin brightening pearls in gold, pink and green that corrects and leaves a slight golden sheen. These are more noticeable in my opinion than the regular Météorites, so a lot of people aren´t going to love this nearly as much as I do. That said, I might wear this as a highlighter on top of the regular perles for daytime.

Also, didn´t take a pic of the fairy dust. They say it is a scented powder, but I´m not buying it. I am convinced that once in a while Tinkerbell and all her friends get together and sell some of their fairy dust to Guerlain. Got to finance those outfits somehow.

I am still contemplating getting the eyeshadow duo and the gold eyeliner, though at the moment they are on the wishlist.

Santa, Honey, you know what to do.


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  1. Tora says:

    Oh, I love how you use the “same” picture, but with different focus to showoff the different products😁
    What is fairy dust? Something along the lines of powder?
    That bronzer looks nice, personally it would probably suit me better being less red as I’m rather pale😊

  2. sirilovise says:

    Thank you.
    Well, you know Tinkerbell from Peter Pan? Well, there´s this glimmering gold powder they´ve bottled and I´m sure this is something they´ve done in collaboration with the fairies, as it looks exactly like that. Miss T hasn’t begun flapping her ears in an effort to fly just yet, though.
    It´s lovely. With a subtle golden sheen. Do have a look when it launches at Fredrik&Louisa. If you like a more matte texture, though, there is Terracotta Joli Teint from their permanent range. Brilliant for pale skin 😉

  3. Florence says:

    Look at the eyeshadows before buying them. I did not see them personally but on the blogs the pigmentation is not good.I love Guerlain,but it’s not the best collection.It’s really nice to read you again and to be lucky enough to see your magnificient picks. For Shalimar, I’m with you.It’s an incredible fragrance created in 1925 during the “années folles” by Jacques Guerlain, it’s a fragrance for a free woman.It’s a really really good composition.
    Have a nice day, and have a beautiful walk (in the snow?)with the beautiful Miss T.
    And thank you for the quality of your blog.

    1. sirilovise says:

      I´m thinking of using it layered on top of other things for a nice bit of sparkle, so I´m not too worried about pigmentation. I actually bought the EdT version shown here ages ago without smelling it first. I must´ve been about 20 years old and found the scent to be too much of everything, even verging on the masculine. Fast forward almost a decade, and it´s one of my faves for the months from September through December, and the bottle has by some miracle kept through all those years.
      It´s funny, it´s snowing down south, but we´ve had a couple of beautiful, albeit cold, weeks here in the northern parts, so everything is covered with frost. It´s like stepping into Narnia when the light hits.
      Thank you very much. I love reading your comments. Send our love to Chelsea.

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