Goldilocks and the Legendary Muse Palette

Legendary Muse

You know how sometimes your expectations for a product are so high you can hardly breathe for the dance of getting your hands on them, only to find yourself so let down you don´t know how you even got there? And when you´ve clambered up out of that crater where you landed, you´ve kind of learned your lesson, but still, there´s the hype, the pretty packaging, the rave reviews, and then you´re lured back in again?

Well, that´s me with the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows. I watched them at the counter a few years back, and found myself very much disappointed. This was supposed to be foolproof? Makeup artist-worthy? I had expected much more, and much more came as I got my hands on the Fallen Angel palette (LOVE).

Fast forwards two years and I find myself lusting for a few new shades. I´ve got all these great palettes, but they´re huge, and I want one or two that´s intuitive, goes with anything, and brightens my eyes even though I´ve slept less than six hours. Oh, and it needs to be small and foolproof.

Once again I´m browsing the Charlotte Tilbury site, wishing and wanting, but remembering my disappointment. But then I finally got around to thinking – High quality eyeshadows that are fool proof. These palettes weren´t made for those who´ve got two hours to get ready in the morning, who has been watching tutorials on Youtube since the age of nine, though, apparently her products appeal to these people as well.

I´m not sure how it happened, but somehow I found myself ordering the new Legendary Muse amongst palette. A shimmering pale pink – Groundbreaking. A orange-yellow gold as the “enhance” shade, because that´s going to help me look awake. A somewhat darker shimmering pink for the smoke shade, well, it´s supposed to be a very soft and subtle smokey eye, but this shouldn’t be hard to dupe. And then gold glitter flakes. OK, I love glitter.

Legendary Muse

Yup, my expectations were low. Like, how did it even wind up in my basket low. But then I put on the tutorial featuring Sofia Schwarzkopf Tilbury and followed the steps, becoming more and more amazed at how the textures differed from, not only the other eyeshadows I´d swatched, but from all the pinks and golds in my stash as well. By the end, I suppose I must admit to be as obsessed as CT´s niece is with this stuff. And yes, it is the kind of makeup you see Gigi Hadid wearing a lot.

If you prefer cooler tones or mattes, give this one a wide berth. If you are a magpie like me, and you´re constantly on the hunt for easy-to-wear eyeshadows, this is grand. I almost stopped after having applied the prime shade, because it is good enough to wear alone. It´s neither too shimmery, nor too matte, and just everything you want in a slap on and go shade. The orange-gold in the enhance shade is what makes this very unique to me, as it lends just the right amount of peachy warmth, that makes you look fresh-faced. The smoke shade is the perfect shimmering pink for defining the eyes. There´s a sentence I never thought I´d utter, being a lover of taupes, myself. And the glittering gold – don´t expect any coverage, this is glitter – is super pretty, sparkling goodness that stayed on, even after our run and a bit of cleaning around the house.

Mind you, these are #nofilter images of a quick makeup done with the sole purpose of showing off this eyeshadow before I´d even had a shower. Couldn´t miss the brief spot of daylight. Lipstick is a mix of Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Amazing Grace and Very Victoria.

Yup. Obsessed.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tora says:

    Oh, you’re pretty in pink😉 and stunning pics as usual😁
    The colours seems very faint in the box, but looks to have more of a kick when applied. It’s the exact opposite with my palettes, the colours just disappears when I pit them on.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks, dearie 🙂
      They are somewhat more saturated IRL, but I really liked the feel of the pics, so decided to leave it as it was. That said, seeing promos, I didn´t think the smoke shade – the darkest pink – would show up as much as it did. You´ll be seeing this a lot at work 😉

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