The Benefits of Serums and My Thoughts on My Latest Acquisition.


The other day I went shopping with a friend. She was in the market for a new foundation, and I was there to give my advise on colours, textures, what´s new and the likes. I wasn´t really going to get anything, other than a cup of coffee, but after having convinced my friend that Guerlain´s reformulated Lingerie de Peau was the way to go (and she loves it, btw), I began window shopping. After all, I have been very good, and working hard at emptying my stash of serums, and now found myself in the awkward position of lacking a good serum for nighttime. I had every intention of picking up the classic Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder, but after using a sample for a few days I found that my skin had every intention of disagreeing with the product. Bummer!

So I told the SA, who knows of my background in “the industry”, what I wanted, what I had used, how my skin usually reacts to this or that. Well, this particular SA is one of the sweetest I´ve met, and she´s very knowledgable about the products she sells as well, so when she said to get  the Dr. Brandt Overnight Resurfacing Serums I had my usual doubts but picked it up immediately and kept the receipt.

My friend had a bit of an OMG moment at my spending ££ on a serum, because she herself is nowhere near my levels of beauty addiction and, like a lot of Norwegian women, don´t see the point of using a serum. Actually, from my experience working with cosmetics, there´s a lot Norwegian women don´t understand about serums, which all comes down to “Why should I spend more money on a tiny bottle of something that will be an extra step in my routine, thus requiring more time spent in the bathroom?” And telling them that something like this serum is only for nighttime, so they should use something else for the day? Let´s just say my voice still breaks from trying to explain this all 147 times daily.

I swear, if someone would produce something that could cleanse, treat, moisturise, protect and repair all in one within 60 seconds, even uptight Norwegians will drop all their koselig and hygge, and run from whatever mountaintop or cabin their at and pick that stuff up in a heartbeat. Provided it didn´t cost £££, of course. But then, who wouldn´t?

Now, why spend ££ or even £££ on one product?

Well, first of all, the active ingredients in a serum is more concentrated than those of a moisturiser, and the molecules are smaller in order to allow the serum to go deeper and work on other levels of the skin than a moisturiser. And they work on different levels too, so you get a more noticeable effect from using a serum IF you use one that is suitable for your concern.

Some people seem to have misunderstood the concept of skincare, and thinks that as long as you use something, that´s better than nothing, right? Well, actually, that´s a waste. If your issue is pigmentation, a product designed towards pimples is not going to fix that, nor will a hydrating product, though the latter might have some benefit towards the first fine lines. That is because those are often caused by dryness, and hydrating serums tend to plump the skin. So using the right product for your concerns is key when picking up a serum.

Also, mostly you´ll need to use a moisturiser on top, working as a kind of sealant, keeping hydration in, and a shield, keeping bad stuff out.

To sum it up, the right products will save  you money and time in the long run, at least if you are as vain as I and would like to keep the inevitable wrinkles at bay, and like four your skin to feel comfortable. After all, it is easier to prevent than treat.

So, after shelling out, was I happy with the product?

Yes, indeed! I am not the most easily impressed person when it comes to cosmetics, but this has been one of the rare occasions when I have been wowed by the results. Firstly, the product was 50ml, I´m used to these bottles holding 30ml, so big plus for quantity. The smell was horrible, though, and it stung somewhat upon application. Not the “geroff ma skin” stinging, but an acidic stinging that told me this was definitely a “resurfacing product”. At this point I was thinking “meh”.

The next day was another story. Already my skin was more even in tone, it felt firmer (not that my skin is saggy or anything), and pores were less visible. I didn´t feel dry, either, though I do have to hurry somewhat more when I get out of the shower, or my skin will feel tighter at a faster rate than usual. That might be caused by the northern climate, though.

As this is a product containing retinol, I was advised to let my skin adjust to it, and not use it every night until my skin gets used to it. Having tried a lot of different stuff over the past couple of years, however, seems to have toughened my skin somewhat and I have used it two consecutive nights without issue. I am still familiarising with this one, though, so I alternate with milder products such as Elizabeth Arden´s Ceramide capsules.

Also, SPF during the daytime is mandatory, or the UV rays will wreak havoc on the hard earned progress,which it should be anyways. Yes, even when the sun doesn´t shine in the Arctic. But that is a discussion for another time.



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  1. Tora says:

    I have to admit that I’m probably one of those typical Norwegian women who don’t see the point and don’t want an extra step in the routine, but I have to say that I’ve gotten a lot more interested in skincare the past months due to my mum opening her own clinic. I have seen, and felt, the effects of proper skincare and have already expanded on my routines in that regard, on the expense of the amount of makeup I wear. After all, when your skin looks good, there is less reason to cover it up. But I think a big part of the reluctance to use serum is based on the fact that people often end up with the wrong one and get no positive results, which leads to an attitude of why-bother😊

    1. sirilovise says:

      I very much agree with you on that. I can´t tell you the number of times the convo´s gone pretty much
      “But I´ve used a serum, and it did nothing!”
      “Which one, what was it aimed towards?”
      “Dunno, it´s a serum.”
      “So what do you want to achieve with your skincare?”
      “Well, as you can see, I have these pigment spots.”
      “Oh, well X is brilliant.”
      “Okay, I´ll think about it.”
      Talks to different SA
      “So what do you want to achieve?”
      “Well, as you probably can tell from looking at me, I want something that´ll help with these wrinkles”
      “Oh, well Y is amazing!”
      “But the other lady told me I should use X! Why are you telling me something completely different?” Which also causes for them to end up with what they eventually feels is the wrong product for their concerns.

      But the skincare part definitely helps on the makeup part. The object of good skincare is to make makeup redundant – or at least, as you say, you can use less and still feel confident. Not that one must wear makeup to feel confident, but you catch my drift.

      I really ought to pay your mum a visit, but I´m afraid it´ll mess my skin up this close to the holiday season. Got some pesky bumps that won´t come out, nor will they disappear ;P

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