Of Bike Pants and Blame


Wow! I can´t believe it´s been two months since my last post. I don´t know how other bloggers do it. I just can´t seem to be able to exercise, work, meet with friends, keep myself updated on news, products and other blogs and write my own blog. Even with Miss T helping me I can´t seem to find the time for blogging. And Miss T´s been busy too, as she´s been accompanying me for a lot of the stuff I´ve been doing.

Other than what you´ve seen on Instagram, I am working on a blogpost about brow products. It´s currently nearing 300 words, and nowhere near finished – I´m just not able to keep it short and sweet – but today I wanted to write about some aspects of a strange tradition we have here in Norway. Russefeiring.

Every year the graduating students at upper secondary school celebrate their finishing that chapter of their lives. Ironically, the celebration takes place before the exams, and ends on the constitution day, 17th May.

I´m not going to go into the history of it all, there´s google for that, but it basically consists of running around in ill-fitting trousers, doing pranks to get a knot in your cap, and parties. All the while preparing for final exams. Or not. I think this phenomenon might be more widespread further south, but a lot of money goes into party buses and gatherings of “Russ”. And there´s a lot of drinking involved, and unfortunately, rape is an issue that frequently is brought up in conjunction with these gatherings.

Actually, rape at gatherings are seemingly such a big issue, that one of our biggest national  newspapers published an article yesterday in which a police officer advised girls attending the gatherings to “Not get too drunk and wear bike shorts underneath their trousers”. Girls are also advised not to wander off alone at the gathering, but stay together in groups.

Wow *slow claps*. Brilliant idea. Totes! In one of the best countries to live in according to the U.N., the responsibility for avoiding rape is placed with the victim rather than the perpetrator. Bravo!

You had a bit too much to drink, you lost your friends on your way to the ladies´. But at least you wore your bike pants underneath, no? You neglected to wear bike pants to the party? Well in that case it´s your own fault you got raped, and it had nothing to do with the person who raped you.

To quote Norwegian comedian Trine Lise Olsen´s reaction to this, my bike pants are for exercise!

No wonder so few rapes are reported when police officers imply that you should behave in such and such manner – as a girl, because the only rape victims are girls – to avoid being raped. What happened to teaching appropriate behaviour and to not rape other people? Sure a bit of common sense and some social skill tend to fly out the window, but am I naïve to think that one does not simply walk around at celebrations and violate people who are not wearing bike pants?




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  1. This post is coming up duplicated as I read it, dunno if that’s just me! Very interesting post though, hate the way it’s on women to protect themselves but no one addresses the people who are carrying out these crimes!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Gawd! Thanks, Yav! I was having some technical problems when I was writing this, but it was grand at the time of posting, so didn´t think much more of it.
      Norwegians in particular like to think we´re the best at everything, so I am saddened by the fact that we haven´t come any further than “Don´t dress inappropriately”, and “Don´t wander off on your own”.

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