A Lipstick To Go With All My Black Dresses



A couple of months ago I saw something interesting in my Instagram feed. It was a yet-to-be-launched lipstick by Guerlain. I couldn´t wait to learn more, but had to settle for a launch date – week 8. Well, I got a sneak peek before that, as you might have seen here. It was just enough to keep me from bursting during the wait.

The idea is that we most likely have several black dresses and outfits that we wear a lot, and sometimes we need to shake it up a bit. This is where the new La Petite Robe Noire lipsticks (and nail polishes) come into play.

If you don´t like scented lip products, these are probably not going to be your cup of tea, but personally, I find the scent of bergamot, rose and raspberry to be quite rather delicious and tasty. That is probably a good thing, as the La Petite Robe Noire scents are some of my favourites. These lipsticks are brilliant. If you´re not quite feeling a full on lipstick kind of look, one layer will apply balm-like and sheer with a glossy finish, but swipe on another layer or two for the colour to pop without the cakey consistency one sometimes experiences with reapplication of one´s lipstick. Self-proclaimed lazy girls who just can´t be bothered removing the old layers before reapplication, this one is for you.

They remind me a bit of Dior´s Addict lipsticks, but I feel that you have a bit more versatility with the LPRN lipsticks. Also, even though Dior has reformulated Addict to be more hydrating, I find the LPRN to do a better job at moisturizing my parched lips. Actually, I find that the new lipsticks do a better job than the lip balms Guerlain launched last year. In other words, perfect no-fuss, winter lipsticks.

I´ve got the shades Pink Ballerinas, Berry Beret and Black Perfecto. Black Perfecto might seem intimidating, as the tube of the tester is black and it looks black in the tube. Try it on, however and you´ll find it lends a subtle tint to the lips, barely changing your natural lips or deepening the shade of your lipstick if you wear it as a top coat. I think it might be my favourite, because of this, and I´ve worn it a lot. Over time it seems to pigment my lips, so I tend to get a slight ombré effect, with a lush pink in the middle of the lip, softly darkening to a subtle berry at the edges. Very pretty. A colleague of mine tried it, though, with quite different results: “I look like I´ve eaten liquorice.” So perhaps a good one to try on in store if possible.

I haven´t experienced any noticeable feathering with these, but if that becomes an issue, I recommend Dior´s new lip glow liner, or Guerlain´s Kiss Kiss base.

Sara´s done a great job of swatching the shades, so do head over to her blog. She´s also got a review of the new nail polishes. Another formula that is likely to become a favourite in the Scribbles HQ, not least because of the delicious scent, and lovely consistency.

Have you had a look at these in person yet?


7 Comments Add yours

  1. silverkis says:

    Hey Siri, i’m still waiting for these to be launched here!!! GAH!! Can’t wait too!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Have they arrived yet? I know you guys will be getting some pretties that we won´t (as usual).

      1. silverkis says:

        yes they have at last!!

  2. These look literally amazing – but how odd that the darker shade can show up so differently on different lips! I’ll definitely be trying it out before I add that one to my cart.

    Sammy xo.


    1. sirilovise says:

      Sorry I did´t get back to you sooner. Have you tried it yet? How did you find it?

  3. Ooh I must see if these are over here, sound fab!

    1. sirilovise says:

      You´re going to need at least one 😉

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