Of Huskies and Reckless Souls


How fitting is it that Miss T posted her 30th post on the 3-year anniversary of Scribbled With Liner? None of us had planned for that. Honest.

By the way, that little bloggerdog had her doctors´appointment on Wednesday, and I can´t even begin to describe how afraid I was. One of the things that´s so great about Alaskan huskies, is that they are very hardy dogs. They aren´t acknowledged as a breed here, because there´s so much into the mix, and a lot of mixes are just called Alaskan huskies because they´re a real cocktail. What is more, they are rarely plagued with health issues such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. Dogs who show signs of bad health or bad appetite aren´t bred on for racing, so those “traits” aren´t passed down.

Unfortunately, they will also hide their hurts until it´s unbearable. That´s what Teyla was trying to do. And that´s why we, myself in particular, were so worried. If it takes a lot for these dogs to show pain, then how bad was this, and could it be treated? As it turned out, we got away with the scare. She had started out with a stiff leg, and most likely tried to compensate for that while exercising. That got to be too much in the long run, so she got very stiff muscles all over for her trouble, and will be needing a few weeks of no skiing and plenty of massages. Poor thing.

One of the things I love about my friends is that they are indeed like stars, or the northern lights, or just insert any metaphor you like. I don´t see them everyday, some I haven´t seen in ages, but they´re always there. Like back in 2012, when a friend and I decided to get off our bottoms and finally do that Ireland-trip we´d talked about. We hadn´t seen each other in two years. Or when I was frightfully annoyed with the BF and none of the friends I usually met, I turned to a friend I´d known most of my life, though hardly ever saw because I spent a lot of time in my student/work/volleyball-bubble. Then there was the time I picked up the phone and called a friend for the first time in years, and a bit out of the blue I suppose, because I knew she was a having a bit of a hard time and wanted to check on her.

I love that I have friends I see every day, and friends I don´t meet a lot, but can most of the time pick up pretty much where we left off the last time. I know I can always call, and they can call me. So when an old friend who had moved down south lost his mother last year, of course those of us who were still living here met up and reminisced about old times and celebrated the life of a special person.

Well, today my friend and his band, Reckless Souls, are launching their first EP, “For Better Days”, and the opportunity to congratulate them was pretty much the kick I needed to get back into blogging. If I can keep it up after this, that is.

I remember back when we were in school Nikolai was definitely influenced by The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, though I don´t recall him trying to play the guitar with his teeth. This influence is still very present.

Reckless Souls - For Better Days (Foto:grafikk av Sondre Sandvik).jpg

The first song, Heavy Heart is a tribute to his mother, Maryon Eilertsen, and concerns his thoughts around her life and her passing. There is a very upbeat feel to it, more of a celebration of her, than anything else, though the recording of this particular track was very emotional.

The inspiration for the second track was his girlfriend, and her love for animals. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year, and she is such a sweet person and very dedicated to animal welfare, which has greatly influenced this song. Voices is a song of opposition, originally directed at the fur industry, but written so that one might relate even if one is more concerned with other issues.

The EP is very optimistic, and very much about getting through in spite of life´s ups and downs. You Got It is all about having confidence and believing in yourself. Enjoy life, and trust that you´ve got it.

One of the downs of life features heavily in the last track, Sick N Tired, which is about a bad relationship which is amazing through the ups, but very destructive through the hard times.

All in all, it´s all about living life to its fullest, learn from the challenges that come your way and grab the chances that comes knocking before it´s too late. And learning throughout it all.

Reckless Souls (Promo) (Foto av Tommy Haugen) .jpeg

The EP is out on Spotify, as well as a few other resources:

Spotify    iTunes    Tidal    Bandcamp

I´m sure the lads would love it if you´d have a listen.


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