The Teylamail 29 – Fog Hill


Hey all!

To pick up where we left off, after we got back from our travels further south we got in a few more walks Sometimes in larger groups, sometimes just our little family. Ooooh! I´m starting to get excited here, because I have a very interesting Teylamail to write, but I´ll try not to get ahead of myself. But I can tell you it was super cool. Probably the awesomest pawsomest thing ever. Like epic! But yeah, that´s for another post.

I´m not really sure what this place is called, but we went with Dad and Godmother and Godfather, and Godfather took a few nice pics of me and Mam. It was just outside of the city, though, so if you are familiar with the area, you can probably tell. I´m going to name it Foggy Hill, though, because it was a little hilltop and it was foggy that day.

Alaskan husky


Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky


Se you all for The Teylamail number 30!


Miss T


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  1. silverkis says:

    How I wish I can just go out for an awesome kickass view walk like that! The weather here is sweltering, I’ll die just from walking 10 steps…. hahahahaha

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