The Teylamail 26 – Ragnarok


Almost six months ago, Mam posted an image on instagram of myself and the sunset. A friend of hers was instantly reminded of the legend of Ragnarok, the Norse interpretation of Doomsday. Now, don´t panic, I´m not announcing the arrival of the End of the World, but I still think it´s pretty pawesome.

So, the story goes that the god Mani and his sister, the goddess Sol, are traveling through the skies in each their chariots that are chased by the wolves Hate and Skoll, respectively. Ragnarok is preceded by a horrible winter, Fimbulvinteren, which will occur when the wolf Skoll overtakes Sol and eats her.

Here are a few shots of me posing as Skoll. Alaskan husky



#sorrynotsorry for reusing a photo or two, but I rather like these pictures of myself as the mythological wolf that chased down the sun and ate it and its horses for supper. Even if that brought on the worst winter in legend. #winteriscoming because I´m cool like that.


Miss T

Sources: Here, here and here.


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