The Teylamail 25 -Into the Blue

Alaskan huskyHello, hello hellooooo!

Mam and I were about to go skiing yesterday, when Dad reminded her that the conditions were the kind she hates. You see, Mam doesn´t like falling much, so when she does, she prefers for it to happen in fluffy conditions, and the snow was anything but. Instead we decided to chill on the sofa and prep the images for today´s Teylamail.

It is kind of nice sometimes, to dream of the warmer days of summer. On our way north from Dad´s parents we went to visit Mam´s grandmother. My Great Grandmother. That was also where I met D-Dawwg. I know, I know, to humans this timeline doesn´t make sense, but us of four legs live in the “Now”. For reference, check out Elfquest by the Pinis.

Anyways, one of the things we did while visiting was going on a hike to the top of a mountain, Nappstind, which is 740 MASL. To think that Mam has spent every summer there, never going to the top. Guess I´m good for her health. Oh, and we made Dad come too. Have a peek from the peak.


Mam wasn´t too pleased about the fog coming in, but it seemed to stay on the opposite side of the mountain while we were there. Also, big thanks to my Great Uncle for the fish. It was a very welcome treat when we reached the top.

Oh, and notice my super-awesome backpack. You´ll be seeing more of that in posts to come.

alaskan huskyLofotenTM25lofoten7NappstraumenlofotenLofoten

By the way, we took all of these using only an iPhone, and sometimes an Olloclip, which is  an ingenious little thingamabob that Mam puts on her phone to do wide-angle or fisheye pics. Oh, and sometimes she´ll hold her shades in front of the lens as well. She says she does it in order to take down some of the glare. I don´t know, but I think these little tricks are an improvement on a lot of her photos. In fact, I think her photography is improving a lot, don´t you agree?

A lot of the time she uses one of those big cameras as well, but she didn´t bring it for this trip. Not having to take into consideration her carrying something costly that might break, I decided to pull a little trick. Also, there was something in the grass I couldn´t resist. As we were walking by the road, heading back to Great Grandmother´s, I spotted a little bird out in the grass and I do love chasing birds. So just as Mam was shifting her balance from one foot to another I made a break for it and dragged her out into the ditch with me. It was so much fun watching her scrabble for foothold in the long grass. Unfortunately I still couldn´t reach the bird, but I did get a laugh out of it.

So, show of paws (or hands): who wants to go hiking in Lofoten?

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