The Teylamail 24 – It´s A Dog´s Life

Alaskan husky

Hello, everybody!

By now I´m sure you´ve figured me out; Yes, it´s a Miss T takeover here in Scribbles HQ. There is so much I want to tell you all, I don´t even know where to begin. I mean, I´ve told you about cousin D-Dawgg, but that´s not all that we´ve been up to. You see, when Mam and Dad decide to travel, they tend to travel for hours and hours on end, and I just have to settle down in my travel crate, which is quite nice, and sleep while they decide where to go.

I´ve found that vacation means spending a lot of time with Mam and Dad, and meeting lots of people all the time. It´s supposed to be relaxing, this vacation thing, but I´m not so sure. I find it to be a lot of work, because I have to take care of all these people, make sure Mam and Dad aren´t going anywhere and make sure everybody is happy.

To be honest, it makes me glad of the umpteen hours of car travel, because then I can get some rest. Anyways, here are some snaps from when we went down south to visit Dad´s parents and grandparents.

KonsvikosenAlaskan huskyHelgelandAlaskan huskyTorghatten NordNordland Skoll Sol

Stay tuned for more holiday photos.

Lots of love.

Miss T

P.S. Click quickly through the slideshow below to see me catch a treat!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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