Teylamail 22 – Hello from the other side



Ok, admittedly, Mam and I have only briefly listened to this song once, and we are seemingly the only bloggers not overly impressed by the first single from Adele´s new album. Nevertheless, after a four and a half month hiatus from blogging, I guess we can say that those words are quite fitting for the current situation.

While Mam was finishing up her master´s degree in pedagogics (the social studies kind, not the teaching kind), Mam and Dad discovered that there was probably a moisture damage in the bathroom. It turned out to be a lot worse than first expected. The air quality was damaging due to lots and lots of mould. In spite of that nothing happened for five months. Mam and Dad were becoming increasingly grumpy and in the end Dad took an angry call, and we were moved out of our house to a cabin.

The renovation took two months, with Dad overseeing the work and Mam spending most of her spare time crying or trying not to cry, and me trying to comfort her. I can tell you it is hard work, even for a husky, trying to comfort someone who is sad all the time. Even when going for walks!

Thankfully, most of it is over now, with only a few adjustments remaining, so now Mam can get back to her job applications, and her work and taking me running. Perhaps, with the mould gone, we might even improve our running.

Oh, and guess what! Winter has come. For real! So Mam and I have been skiing a lot lately, even taking my Godmother Luna for a few rounds. Mam even posted a clip of us running together on Instagram. And the other day, I almost caught a few mice while we were skiing, but Mam wouldn´t let me. Think I might have to have her fall into a snowdrift for that one.


Anyways, I´m going to have Mam find some of the photos from the past months to show you over the next few posts.

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