Not a Review: Dior 007, My Lady.

Dior 007 My Lady

Ok, so I’m totally ripping this off from Lily of Chloe.Ash. She’s even done a post featuring these limited edition blushes, though the one that introduced me to the concept was her “Not a review” of the Météorites blush. When I first saw this one, 007, online I was content knowing that there was no way I was getting my hands on this anyways, so no need to bother. But then a real enabler offered to, well, enable me (BIIIIG THANK YOU!), and the more I looked at the pictures on her blog, the more fascinated I got with the pattern, the coral shades and the gold sparkles…. Before I even knew what I was doing I jumped on, and I haven’t looked back. I’m too busy staring at the glimmers of gold encased in the luxuriously hefty silver compact and snarl at anyone who comes too close to mine! My own! My preciousssss.

I just couldn’t help myself. Have a look!

Dior My Lady 007

Dior 007 My Lady 2

Dior 007 My Lady 3

Dior 007 My Lady 4

Dior 007 My Lady 5

Dior 007 My Lady 6

Some of these pictures were taken using my Iphone with an Olloclip, some were taken in direct sunlight, others on a cloudy day. What you might have noticed is that I’ve marked my images more easily visible than I’ve previously done, and I see that it’s necessary for me to do so, even though I’m nowhere near what I aspire to when it comes to my photography.

After my post on the Guerlain fall collection I found that another, more established blogger used my photography in a post on the same collection. I am not initially opposed to the idea at all, but what I find very annoying is that she hasn’t referenced my blog in what I consider to be an appropriate manner. She has inserted the images in her post, as well as images from other sources and her way of referencing is at the bottom of the page “Originator: 1 2 3”. Clicking the numbers takes you to the original posts, so I probably can’t take this to a “higher power”. Nevertheless, I do feel like she’s reaping the fruits from my work without really acknowledging that it’s mine. I am probably in the wrong here, but I feel like she should have referenced the sources by name as well as linking to them. As the site was in Russian it took me a few days merely finding the reference, so however much it pains me to distort pretty blushes and eyeshadows, there’s going to be a highly visible signature in all my photos. Right now I wish there was some sort of standard style of referencing for blogging.



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  1. Nikki smith says:

    I think you’re in the right, although many bloggers do references that way 1, 2 , 3. Crediting photos in online magazines/papers always mentions the photographer /source By Name.
    Also all image licences under Creative Commons (image search engine) ask for the source to be credited (by Name) as well as a link unless it’s in the public domain.
    By the way I liked the way you watermarked the images so that it’s slap bang in the middle but it’s subtle so it doesn’t ruin the picture.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Nikki.

      I’m glad we agree.
      Thing is, I’ve pretty much placed my watermark in the middle, but very small so it could only be seen if images were blown up or if you studied them closely because some people will take your images and simply cut away your signature if it’s at the edges. I’m just sad that I actually have to do it visibly, even though I’m a very small-scale blogger.
      I might be a bit of an idealist, but I believe in supporting each other, as well as tipping readers off when there’s a blog that might interest them, hence I think one should at least give credit by name and link. Also, I’ve spent most of my life in the educational system, where referencing is kind of a big deal. I did a post on the subject of my trial lecture, and even that was shoddy work with regards to the references. Nevertheless, the sources can’t be misunderstood.

  2. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 This blush is one of my favourites. It goes on a lovely coral but it did take me quite a while to finally use it. Love the photos here. You’re also right about people using your photos. It is downright rude not to credit properly. Then again, I see a lot of my photos being used my Chinese web sellers, and that’s the most annoying because there’s no way of contacting them. They even remove your watermark!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Well, I couldn’t very well snag your idea and not credit you for it 😉 also there are a lot of pretty pictures to be found in that feature of yours.
      I actually found one of my nail polish swatches being used for a phone cover – though it wasn’t being sold anymore. I hadn’t noticed a watermark on your images, Lily. I discussed this whole thing with a friend the other day, and to sum it up, expecting people to credit you if they can get away with neglecting to do so is naïve. Sometimes I even watermark my instagrams when I remember to do so, as well as images I post on my personal facebook account, so that in the event a party should be interested in using something of mine, they have to go through me to get the good version. I used to think I was being paranoid, but apparently I’m just a bit cautious 😉

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