Teylamail 21 – The difference between a sunny day and a Sunday


Mam’s been really busy lately. She tells me she’s got a lot of work to do right now, and whenever she’s home she’s too tired to look through photographs with me after our walk. You see, we went walking with the pack last Sunday and we took a few pics. It was only around 40, but Mam’s been really tired this week.

Today she got home early, though, and we went for a long, slow walk in the sunshine. I think people call it summer, but I haven’t seen a day like this in weeks, and really it’s just a sunny day.

Now, here’s the thing. I know a lot of days are named for deities and planets and such and Sunday is named for the Sun. But strangely it wasn’t as sunny as this day, which is supposed to be the thunder-day, or the day of the Norse god Thor. You humans and your names. I can’t even remember the name of the place we went to, but ‘m sure some people will wonder. Erm… Somewhere in the north of Norway. Will that suffice?

Here we all are. See that guy in the front? That’s Godmother’s Uncle. I quite like him, so I’ve adopted him as my extra-uncle. Oh, and that’s Super-auntie with the cool tights. Dad came with us this time. I think it was because it was Sunday, that we could all go together.

That’s Godfather and Dad. They are great examples of how strange humans are with their naming and all. Because they both have the same name. Actually, Godmother and I was supposed to have the same name, but apparently that would just have gotten everyone confused.

My great new Extra-Uncle play the same sports as one of my real uncles. And they’re both really tall.

The view was lovely.

Extra-Uncle took some photos with Mam’s camera. Look at that. Those are clouds out there. Not mountains.

Auntie Rocket-scientist took my cousin to a place far from here because she wanted to study clouds. I really think she should’ve come with us instead, because we have plenty of clouds here. Apparently, though, those are special clouds. She calls them cirrus-clouds, but I don’t know. They kind of look the same to me, and to me they all look like the stuffing of a teddy-bear. I should know. I’ve pulled apart some teddy-bears in my time.

So that’s it from me on this lovely, sunny not-Sunday. What have you all been up to lately?


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  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha you’ve pulled apart some teddy bears in your time? That’s hilarious, Teyla! What are you carrying in that backpack now? Anything yummy?

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hey, Sunny!
      Well, technically they were other stuffed animals,but you get the gist. Sometimes Mam and Dad will come home and they smell of a particular place and I put my head in all te bags looking to see if they’ve brought me a new toy or treat or some other exciting item.
      I had a dried fish for myself and Godmother. And chocolate and nuts for the rest of the pack. But they were all good, eating sausages from one of those disposable grills. Most of the time, though, I only carry towels and small rocks, because Mam thinks I need to get used to wearing the backpack, and build up my strength before loading it up properly.

  2. Florence says:

    Oh Teyla, I don’t know if you have awareness of living in a beautiful country. There’s something special about it, something ” to be down to earth”, a return to the essential.Sorry for my english,it is not perfect but it’s not easy to speak about a feeling.Be happy beautiful Teyla, And of course, a big ,big kiss from Chelsea.

    1. sirilovise says:

      Biiiig hello Florence and Chelsea! I love it here up north! Mam says she would’ve moved to Ireland if money allowed, but they haven’t got enough snow for me to play in there, so we won’t be going anywhere.
      Our Irish friend says Norway is a very healthy country, with lots of fresh air, a dry climate and lots of outdoorsy folks, such as my grandfather who go hunting and fishing, and he has sheep.
      I am trying to showcase the parts I like best about my home, and the places I’ve been and going for long walks is definitely my favourite thing to do, especially in the company of my family.
      Kisses and high fives all around!

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