Two new palettes for fall from Clarins

Clarins fall 2015

So after all that personal stuff from the other day, I for one could really need some beauty in my life. Enter another “new for fall” post. I’m going to keep this one short, because… Well, just because.

Clarins will be launching two new palettes for their fall look. One is for your more subtler daytime looks, but the other is perfect for a smoldering smokey eye. At least if I’m going by the first impressions I got from looking at it at work. That said, don’t forget your primer with these.

Packaging is cardboard, with an elastic band keeping it closed. And the size is very travel friendly. Enjoy this sneak peek.

Clarins Day
Top row: Day Bottom row: Night
Top row: Day
Bottom row: Night

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  1. Sunny says:

    OK I probably don’t need these, but thanks for the sneak peek! It’s strange because I haven’t even seen Clarins summer here in Belgium. I really wonder what’s going on!

    1. sirilovise says:

      So weird. I was surprised that Escentual didn’t get it either – they said department stores only. I personally think these are lovely, but I can’t really see myself getting a lot of use from them – there aren’t enough light shades in the nigh palette, and the day palette doesn’t have the right depth for my needs. All in all, anyone who owns a Naked isn’t going to need these.
      That said, they’re great for those who need a bit of help creating a look, or needs to keep things simple. They are straight up the alley for a friend of mine who can’t really have too many colours to choose from. My money is going into something else though.

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