Teylamail 20 – Oh, yeah!

Hello, everybody!

I can tell you all I am so happy right now! Not only did Mam make good on her promise of more walks once she was done with her master’s degree in Pedagogy – she says hi and thanks so much for all the good vibes – but she got the kind of marks on it that means that she can apply to do a ph.d. without doing another one. I’m not sure hat that’s about, of it is chemistry or something, but it definitely has got a lot to do with writing a whole lot more than she did this time, so I’m very happy to know she won’t pursuing that path right now.

She says she’s going to focus on getting a full-time job with a meaning, and maybe take the blog in the direction she originally had planned once that is all in place. I’m not sure what that means, but she promises that it will mean more stable “Us” time

Anyways, first thing she did after her exam, and having had a bite – it looked delish, but she didn’t drop anything for me – was take me for a walk. She said it was only going to be a short, and slow walk, to get some air, but then we met this super-cool lady that was travelling all by her self – like Mam did for her master’s – and we decided that rather than just point her in the right direction, we took her to where she was going. Mam and her talked a lot about dogs, and tourists and travelling and I lost track of it all. But get this – this lady is a very positive persona who runs her own online magazine! We’ve only just started checking it out, but it’s got loads of bright pictures and is very positive all around. The idea behind it resounded very much with me, as I am the lifestyle contribution to this blog, and have a lot of focus on appreciating things. You know I love Mam and Dad with all their faults and strange ways.

The site is called It’s all well and good, and the idea is that this is an idiom in the English language that often precedes a “but”. It’s all well and good, but then you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop you should be happy. Kind of like the “now” that I live in, and the “Now” of Wendy and Richard Pini. Just because something is good now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it out of fear for things going sour.

Gosh! This is turning out to be a longer post than I intended! I’m turning into Mam!

Anyways, check out her site, even if it’s only for the lovely photography!

Moving on, Mam didn’t just make good on her promise yesterday. Today she and Dad went away, and then she and Godfather came back – you know he is my fave person in the whole wide world – ans I think she’s bought me a lot of new shoes to boot! And then after a while and a fuss, they took me out into Dad’s car where Godmother Luna and extra-auntie Frida was waiting. And Mam was wearing my special clothing and a pair of my new shoes and we went for a great walk. I mean, Mam’s a bit out of shape, after all that sitting down and writing thingy, but I helped her up the hill, and then we didn’t go super-slow down the hill either, so it was all very good. The place we went to is a very touristy spot, but we kept away from that. And when we got down there were a lot of people passing by our car as we were getting in, and they were all saying how pretty we all were. Which of course is a given. We’re huskies after all!

Here are a few of the photographs from the top!

L-R_ Auntie Frida, Godmother Luna and me
L-R_ Auntie Frida, Godmother Luna and me
That's us and Godfather. He's my favourite favourite person in the whole world!
That’s us and Godfather. He’s my favourite favourite person in the whole world!
That's me with part of the city in the background.
That’s me with part of the city in the background.
Look at Mam wearing my new shoes and that's my outfir as well!
Look at Mam wearing my new shoes and that’s my outfir as well!
Mam's not very good at throwing.
Mam’s not very good at throwing.
I'm reaching here
I’m reaching here
And just look at my reach!
And just look at my reach!

I think it was very good that Godfather took us all for this walk, because Mam was getting out of shape, and I kind of like to show you what she looks like without her makeup, the way she is around me. I think a lot of people make too much of a number out of wearing makeup, and as she’s a beauty blogger, and works with clothes and cosmetics, so she has to put a lot of thought into the way she presents herself to the world on a daily basis.

Also, it’s rare to have someone around to photograph us both in a natural setting, goofing around, playing, walking, whatever. It’s mostly her behind the camera, and we rarely get to show you the contact between the two of us. So it was very good of Godfather to take these pics of us as well.

Oh, and by the way, these are all taken with Mam’s Iphone and the Olloclip that she bought after Sunny recommended it. So we don’t always need to lug around that big camera to get interesting shots. Hope we’ll get to do a lot more stuff like this, now.

Lot’s of kisses,

Miss T

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Teyla, congrats on your mama’s grand achievement! You must be so proud of her! I’m glad she can now spend more time with you. The photos of you jumping up are so cool! I have to admit I haven’t taken any leisure photos with my decent camera after I got an iPhone… It’s probably underusing it, but it’s so heavy that I don’t want to carry it around! xx

  2. Mai says:

    Er det i skiløypa i Kroken?

    1. sirilovise says:

      Nei, rett ved fjellheisen. Er skiløypa i Kroken og en aktuell tur for å slite ut energiske pelsbarn?

  3. Mai says:

    Skiløypa er super, og fra 1. juli kan man kjøpe kort så man kan slippe hunden opp løypa om man har kontroll på den. Egentlig for fuglehunder, men jeg vil tippe også huskyer har behov for det. Selges på Vaapenandresen. 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hadde vært genialt! Om det ikke hadde vært for at det skorte litt på den biten med “kontroll” – Teyla kan veldig lett finne ut at det er noe annet som er mye mer spennende enn mor og far. Selv med godis :p

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