The Teylamail 18 – It’s hard to be me


Hello, everybody.
I’m sure you’ve all missed me a lot, but I’ve had a writer’s block. Mostly one consisting of Mam not sharing the computer with me or editing the pictures for my blogposts. Can you believe the audacity of the woman? Just because she’s been having trouble witing, and then she wrote her dissertation or whatever it was that she did, you know, and because of that I couldn’t do my posts. She’s almost done now, and then she says we’re going to go for a lot more walks again, maybe even with Superauntie and Godfather and Godmother Luna. So I’m a little less cross with her, as long as she delivers upon that promise.
We went to visit my grandparents today. I got to play with their dog for a bit, but she gets tired so easily, so it’s not as fun as the other dogs in the neighbourhood. But then we went to visit an old lady, and great grandmother was there too. I really like her, because if I sit when she says “isto” I get a treat. I also liked the old lady. Her house smelled of dog, and she gave me food and treats. And it very much makes up for the shock I got before we went there. We were standing outside, Mam and Dad and Grandmother were talking, you know, yap-yap-yap. And I kept asking if we could get going already. Why were we just standing there?

Dad told me to sit, but ain’t nobody got time for that! And the next thing that happened is a bit of a blur for me. A painful blur. I started pulling the leash, trying to jump the two threads that were hanging there. Grandfather has these hreads hanging everywhere on his little farm, and I’ve jumped them before, they’re not hanging very high above the ground. but then I tried to get back to Dad, and the threads were everywhere and I was tangled in them and it was so painful. I crouched down, I tried to get away, I screamed for help, but the threads were everywhere, and there was a clicking sound. It was just so much pain. And then Dad grabbed me by my collar and pulled me away from it all, and I got to go to my travelling crate where it is safe.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a pain like that, and though it’s over now, I’m very tired after the whole ordeal. Have you ever touched those kind of threads?

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  1. Sunny says:

    OMG Teyla, are you OK?! Did you get hurt? That sounds PAINFUL! Just be a good girl and have a little patience next time. Human like to talk! I’d love to read more blog posts from you, so tell your mama to share her computer more often 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hey, Sunny. I’m better now, but it was such a shock at the time. I hardly ever shout or cry, but I couldn’t help myself. But I’m over it now. I don’t think there are any electrical fences here. Mam calls it that, but it’s silly because those were just two threads.
      I’m working on a post together with Mam now, because she made Dad come play with us so she could practice taking pictures of me. But because she’s working all the time, it takes a long time going through them all. You know, I can write, but it’s not so easy editing pictures using paws.

  2. Ah hope you’re ok, make sure your mam and dad give you loads of extra treats…

    1. sirilovise says:

      I got loads of extra treats today while I was writing my newest post. I wonder if we can make this a habit.

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