De-stressing skin saviours.


My poor, neglected blog. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to post, exactly, but I’ve had other, more pressing matters at hand. The deadline for my master’s thesis, to be precise. What was not supposed to happen happened, and I got a writer’s block. I’ve really struggled for these past months just to get something up here on my blog, and writing anything even remotely related to my thesis felt like wearing a too-tight corset. Yes, I’ve tried that and it’s not at all comfortable. You can’t breathe properly, your breasts are all up under your chin, your tummy pushes at the lower edge, and sitting down is as much a pain or worse than standing up.

I probably would still be having trouble if Sara hadn’t asked me to do a guest post while she went on a wee trip half-way ‘cross the world. That seemed to pull me out of it, and somehow I managed to put together a text of approximately 90 pages, written in my second language, in about six weeks. I just wish I knew what I wrote, because it’s all a jumbled mess in my head and it kind of took on a life of its own at some point.

Let’s add to that that I got a cold that turned into a flu and the only thing keeping this here from becoming a right jolly old pity party is that at least my skin didn’t suffer too badly from it all. And I’ll let you in on why in a bit.

Now, I know these products are not for everybody. I can tell you, part of this line is not for me at all. But then again, this blog isn’t for everybody. I’ve persoal friends who don’t read it because I write in English, the BF can hardly spare the time to have a look at the stuff Teyla writes (yup, she’s got a writer’s block too, though mainly that’s me taking up the computer), and my mother pops by once in a while to pick up some English. My point: we’re all different, and one girl’s plum is another’s prune. (Don’t get me started on all the stuff I can’t use!)

As usual, I digress. You see, with my being chained to a computer while the sun shone outside and my nose was dripping, my skin should have turned a strange mix of yellow, dull gray and red blotches. Admittedly, it didn’t glow all the time, but all things considered, it should’ve been a lot worse. My rescue became a brand that takes its inspiration from the Japanese tea ceremony, in that it makes skincare a ritual of several steps – Sensai.

Sensai Cellular Performance

I was very lucky to receive a few sample products after some courses at work: A full-size Cellular Performance Mask, and travel-sizes of their Prime Solution and Extra Intensive Essence and Cream. All of these products are supposed to be anti-aging and give skin a boost.

The prime solution is kind of a pre-treatment, that penetrates deeper in the layers of the skin, enabling it to make better use of subsequent products.

The Extra Intensive line is meant for skin that is lacklustre and dull, while also needing ani-aging care. It makes the skin feel and appear hydrated and energized, and I can testify to the effectiveness of these, because I only expereinced a couple of days when I didn’t feel like attending work simply because my skin was in a bad state. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to skip work because of a pimple, or a few sniffles. However, as I work part-time in a store selling cosmetics your less-than-best feels worse than it normally would when your pallor could give a ghost self-esteem issues. “Yeah, sure! You’ll be grand! I’m using it all the time, and it works a treat!” just don’t seem as genuine.

Having had a few less savoury experiences with Sensai products, I’ll admit I was more than a little skeptical with regards to how my skin would respond to these products. I’ve adjusted my application accordingly, alternating the Sensai products with skincare I was already familiar and accustomed with. The proof is in the pudding, or I should say, in my face.

The consistency is lovely, and though the cream feels thick, it melts into my skin, leaving it supple and hydrated. The minis are almost emptied, but I would actually consider using this as a treatment at some other point. The regular Sensai Cellular Performance line is however slightly too active for me to use on a regular basis, so I don’t see myself picking up the full size Extra Intensive in the near future, though maybe fom my next thesis.

The real surprise, though, was the Cellular Performance Mask. I honestly dread the day the tube empties. I’ve been using this as an overnight treatment probably every three nights, though you can wipe it off with their Sponge chief (another Sensai product that I’m loving right now) after 5-10 minutes. The claim is that it helps alleviate stress, while tackling signs of aging, all the while being a sensorial pleasure. The texture is amazing. It looks like a cream, feels like a gel-cream and applies like a balm, wothout feeling heavy. I actually experience it as having a cooling, soothing effect on my skin.

Now, I can only speak for myself here, and my skin is dry, so by morning it’s all soaked up. Couldn’t tell you if oily skin would like it as much as an overnight treatment, but it beats most of the ones I’ve tried. The scent is very mild, and even if it was one that bothered me, I still think I would use the mask because of its other benefits. As it is, I am very happy altogether.

Oh, and I love how it makes my skin feel in the morning. Velvety, soft and bouncy, and I swear the expression-lines on my forehead are less pronounced since using this. I’m usually not one to pronounce my verdict on skincare until after five weeks, but this is definitely a new favourite of mine. I actually feel a bit bummed the nights I don’t wear it.

Now, I’m not entirely done with my degree, the worst part is yet to come, and I’ve this notion that preparing for that is a bit more important than blogging. Strange, I know. That also means that I’m not sure when miss T will get to borrow my computer next, but we’re making sure to post Teyla-pics over on instagram in the meantime. Now excuse me while I try to keep her from licking the Sensai off of my face. She didn’t get the “overnight” thing.


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  1. Sunny says:

    Oh wheee you’re done with your thesis!!! Congrats!!! You still have to defend it, right? From my experience it’s usually not too intense tho 😉

    I’d love to have Teyla back for a bit as well! Poor girl must have a lot to say!

    1. sirilovise says:

      I thought it wouldn’t be, but apparently I’m going to have to hold a lecture on something first, before I have to defend it. Add to that a bathroom that needs to be redone, and we can only hope that the insurance will cover it, and a work market that only wants people with experience rather than someone they can shape and mould and I’m all up in tatters at the moment. The jobs I’ve got are my fave place to be right now.

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