When summer comes early.


I hope you are all dissappointed by this post popping up now, because you were eagerly waiting for part two of the very exciting splurge or save series I’ve got going. To tell you the truth, I had one sheduled for today, but then I had this little thing I really, really wanted to show yous. Are you ready?

It’s Chanel’s new bronzer, Lumiere D’Été!

Remember back in January when I did this post? Remember those swatches for the Méditerranée collection? The first of the summer collections? Yup, summer sure arrived early this year. Must be the global warming, though if summer’s going to be this cold, I’m moving south!

Anyways, those are still the only swatches you’ll see from me for now, because I’m still admiring the pattern and the luminosity of the powder. It didn’t really show under the fluorescent lights until it got on the skin.

That said, it is a softly luminous bronzer. It is quite sheer, but can be buildt up somewhat. Deeper skintones might use this as a highlighter, but for such as myself it is great this time of year when I just need a touch of colour. If you need something pretty to gawk at it’s a must. I wish I had a display-case in my livingroom. I’d put it there with my Guerlain bronzers from last year. As I do not, I shall have to let it decorate my face once I’m done gawking at it.

It is more luminous than my dear Joli Teint. If I were to make a scale I’d say

Matte – Benefit Hoola

Radiance – Guerlain Joli Teint

Luminous – Chanel Lumiére D’Été

Glow – Hourglass Radiant Light

And Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Baked is verging into sheen territory when swatched, though it gives this amazing glow sheered out, and is stunning on tan skin. And it seems to last forever. I probably should do a review on it sometime soon? Perhaps a proper roundup of bronzers and their finishes?

Back to the Chanel, it comes in the same type of packaging as my beloved highlighter from the same brand. My fave pic can be found here, and I’m still very grateful to that lovely SA in Boots who saved it for me (and showed me just how beautiful Diapason is on green eyes). Sleek black, with the Chanel logo embossed on the lid as well as the pouch, and with a quite dense brush that might actually prove useful.

I mean, some of the applicators accompanying products are plain crap (Dior, I’m looking at you and your eyeshadow palettes), some are the greatest (Hi, Guerlain, Urban Decay) and some are very handy on the go. I think this one will fall into the latter category, though with the highlighter I seem to get the bestest results using the half-moon brush that came with it so there’s plenty of time for this one to prove me wrong.

Oooooh! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Where was I? Oh! Pictures!

Chanel Lumiére D'Été

Chanel Summer 2015

Chanel Lumiére D'Été

Chanel Lumiére D'Été

Chanel Lumiére D'Été

Chanel Lumiére D'Été


Keep a lookout for #fotds featuring this one on my instagram. That’s also where you’ll find photographs of my lovely Teyla, as she’s still having trouble with her writer’s block.

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