Guerlain is about to take you to Norway for the weekend.


Jolie TeintIt feels like I haven’t visited my own space for a month and a half, so it’s kind of reassuring to pop by the blog and see that I actually did a couple of posts this month. Thing is, I’m suffering from the worst writer’s block I’ve ever encountered, which set in for real just after I got to working on a personal post which I eventually decided to scrap because I lost the thread of my own thought. So yeah, big issues here.

On another note, I have been indulging in a few treats and not just the ones I ordered from Hotel Chocolat. I used to think the best milk chocolate in the world was Norwegian – yes I’ve tried Lindt and that other big shot brand too, but they tasted strange and almost a bit grainy. Then I popped by a shop in Belfast that looked like heaven on earth and who served up the best freaking 65% milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted. As well as these lovely little chocolates that’s a lot like eating Météorites, which sounds very strange, but as I love the scent of Météorites, and the sense of smell and taste is very  closely related it makes sense. And trust me when I say it’s delicious and it makes me feel very extravagant while setting the mood for my makeup in the morning. And the best part – they ship to Norway so I can still get my fix.

Chocolates and Météorites aside, I’ve been feeding my Guerlain obsession in other ways as well, with a few recent launches that somehow came home with me, all in the name of the blog, obviously.

Perhaps the most exciting one is the new Terracotta powders. While the previous lineup is very popular around here – when people pop by the store looking to repurchase their favourite bronzer, or want to try one that a friend recommended, I’ll hazard a guess and say 8 out of 10 are looking for Guerlain.

Available in four shades of bronzer combined with a half moon sliver of blush the Terracotta Joli Teint powders are said to give you “three days of sun in three seconds”. The sheer powders are very forgiving on pale winter skins that are only now starting to feel the warming rays of the sun, granting a bit more of a healthy glow as if you’ve just come back from a couple of lovely days spent at your cabin outside the city where you spent your time drinking hot chocolate and snacking on oranges and Kvikk Lunsj (airy, crunchy chocolate-covered biscuit layered with more chocolate) in between skiing. Kind of the stereotypical Norwegian Easter holiday.

Jolie Teint 03

The consistency of the powders is amazingly creamy for a powder, and somewhat buildable. It’s a lot softer in every way, compared to the other bronzers of the range, down to the delicious scent of citrus and vanilla, keeping in line with the whole Norwegian holiday theme. It’s almost strange that thay haven’t exchanged their beachy, tropical shots of Natalia Vodianova for shots of her sitting at a remote cabin in the north of Norway looking out over the dramatic scenery of mountains and fjords with the sunshine breaking into myriads of beams as they hit the icicles hanging from the roof. If they ever decide to do a relaunch I’ve got a place in mind.

There is a slight sheen to the formula, but it’s not shimmery or even satin. It registers more as a touch of radiance, reinforcing the healthy, outdoorsy glow.

Jolie Teint 03

And in case I didn’t mention it – they are fool proof, with two shades catering to cooler skintones (blondes) and two for warmer skins (brunettes). The labelling is only a suggestion, though, and I found both shades 02 blondes and 03 brunettes to work for me, though I opted for the latter. That said, these are not for darker skintones, with the 03 shade only registering as a swatch on my skin after my having loaded it up heavily using my fingers. I also suspect that if you’ve got a hint of olive in your skin you might experience problems, but hopefully an acquaintance of mine will see this, try the powders and give me some feedback either in comments or on instagram.

One thing I don’t often mention here is my scent wardrobe, but with so many good ones making their way into my drawer this spring I had to bring up my favouritest of them all. Oh, sure, that’s a word!

Shocker! They’re both from Guerlain. I’ve been alternating two of Guerlain’s little black dresses for quite some time now, loving both the Edp version as well as the Couture incarnation of La Petite Robe Noir, and was thrilled to see a fresh take on the scent launch a few weeks ago. I am aware that there was an EdT version long before this, but strapless cocktail dresses never suited me, I’m afraid.

Guerlain actually presents the whole La Petite Noire line as a wardrobe of scents that you wear depending on your mood and the occasion. The idea is that you probably have a favourite outfit, but you don’t wear that every day, so why would you wear your favourite scent every day?

La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Pétales combines the familiar guerlinade, consisting of among others bergamot, tonka beans, roses and vanilla with, mandarin, pistachio and musk. It’s not so much a lighter version of the original, as a reinterpretation of La Petite Robe Noire – one that’s a lot more sparkly, flirty and fresh. More a fleeting memory of the original as you’re running, laughing through a sun-drenched garden. Gone is the black tea, cherries and liquorice, but in their place is freshly cut grass and apricots. Easy to wear and easy to carry, like your favourite cotton dress on a warm summer’s day.


The second scent, and one I didn’t expect to like, is the new Aqua Allegoria.

Playing on green tea, jasmine and citrus Teazzurra, on paper, could easily find itself being mistaken for a room freshener or at least a relative of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea line. But in spite of appearances this is still a Guerlain, and it’s done as only Guerlain does scent. The citrus and green tea notes are highly present, but there is also jasmin and something else that almost seems to mimic a slight breeze and vanilla to give warmth and softness.

I’ve never been to Sicily, but spritzing myself with Teazurra – which I do lavishly – I can imagine relaxing in the shade on a warm day after a long walk along the beach, and for a second forget everything about snow and sleet outside my window. Like I said, it’s not one I expected to like, but within half an hour of smelling it on my skin it was love.

While I haven’t got that stereotypical Norwegian Easter Holiday thing down – I only ever ski if I’ve got a dog or snowmobile pulling me, and I’ll be heading into work every day that shops aren’t closed so I’ll be needing my Joli Teint to fake a healthy complexion after – how is everyone else spending the week ahead?




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    That is A LOT of Guerlain! I haven’t tried the new Aqua Allegoria. I usually like them, but they aren’t really “my thing” my thing. Probably can’t hurt to take a whiff tho! Definitely liking the bronzer and the new LPRN tho!

    1. sirilovise says:

      I know what you mean. On me they tend to become very un-Guerlain, and boring, but somehow Teazzurra manages to remain interesting.
      There’s something about ’em LPRNs that are just so perfect with lacey tops. Looking forward to your review of the bronzers.

  2. Guerlain goodies! I have read quite a few reviews of these new powders, the naming is a bit confusing isn’t it? They seem really finely milled and I’m sure they’re great for a healthy look on fair people as you say!
    I haven’t got any Guerlain scents although I’ve tried La Petite Robe Noir in a few samples!
    Great post, I loved the introduction to your post, you may have writer’s block but you write really well!

    Ingrid Hughes

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Ingrid. Lovely to see you in my corner of teh web! The texture is very lovely. I can actually see it working as a powder for those with a good tan who still find the Météorites compacts to be too radiant, but still don’t want a flat matte.
      It seems I can’t get enough of my LPRN. What did you think of it? I’m currently saving up for Jicky. It’s always good to get a bit of affiramation that even though I might need ages to find my words, they come out all right 😉

  3. Marcella says:

    Yes! Finally something about golden girl cosmetics whitening powder.

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