A Nostalgic Nude

Charlotte Tilbury lipstickWhen Charlotte Tilbury launched her line of Matte Revolution lipsticks, there was an aspect of lipsticks I felt I hadn’t fully explored, and as the saying goes, curiosity made the cat use Visa, and the cat got herself a new lipstick.

Myself and nude lipsticks are a story I’m saving for another post, and it’s a long one, and for once I want to cut to the core and pop out that soft shade of unboring nude.

The shade I went with is Very Victoria, as I could be certain I didn’t already have something similar in my stash.

I remember when Wannabe came ’round the first time around. Back when Victoria was Posh Spice, wearing a black mini dress and her surname was Adams. And the funny thing about this particular brown is that I’m sure I’ve seen her wearing something like it even back then. At the same time, this is a refined shade that I can see her wearing today.

Very Victoria

The lipstick is easy to apply and feels comfortable, persumably due to extracts from orchid and bixa orellanathat’s lipstick tree in PR speak. It leaves lips with a waxy film, and stays put. It’s not hydrating enough to get me through the day without lip balm, but Charlotte’s thought of that as well, and I’ll get back to that in another post.

Very Victoria

All in all, it’s a lovely shade that can easily be worn every day, but it can also keep your 90s retro look from becoming too 90s with it’s subtle luminosity, rather than sheen or completely matte textures.

In the swatches I’m wearing it with Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude. Unfortunately I’m a lot better without a liner than I am with, so please excuse me while I work on getting a crisp line that doesn’t venture into Baywatch territory.




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