If Arctic Winter Nights Were Bottled

YSL spring 2015You can pretty much look at this any way you like, but I think the nail polishes from the Yves Saint Laurent spring look 2015 are a lot like nights in the Arctic. In midwinter, there’s hardly any daylight to be had, but it’s not all pitch black, because nowhere else will a clear night be as beautiful as right here.

I still remember one moonless winternight before moving to the city. I was walking along the road with the dog – not Teyla – in an area without street lights, when all of a sudden everything arond me, turned green. It was probably the most amazing show of northern lights I’ve ever seen, especially as I didn’t really think of it as something very special until I met people who only rarely or never had a chance of seeing it from their homes.

ysl nuit noire

The YSL spring look contains, among other pretty items, a sheer white polish with tiny snowflakes shimmering like mother of pearl, or snow under the aurora,  and a sheer black gel base infused with pieces of black and silver glitters, that sparkles like the northern sky in winter. That’s why I’m surprised to see these shades in a spring collection.

ysl nuit blanche

These are shades that needs to be layered to make an impact. For me it takes 3-4 layers of each to get an opaque result with the black and semi-opaque with Nuit Blanche, but they can be layered on top of other shades, and the combination of Nuit Blanche layered over Nuit Noire creates a magical effect like staring into the depths of the galaxy. I’ve also found that because I detest an uneven surface with my nail polish, and I can’t help but picking if it isn’t, I need to layer a gel-top coat as well as a quick drying one in order to get the results I want. That said it turned out to be a very long-lasting one as well. due to tip-wear I found myself reapplying another couple of layers within a few days with fantastic results. It lasted through work as well as volleyball practice, and if only I had been able to resist picking when the first chip arrived I’m convinced I’d be able to wear it for a week.


I only rarely use black nail polish, but the Nuit Noire is to me such an unique representative of the shade that it went straight into the stash to keep my Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York company. It’s a black that looks refined and well-done rather than the dishevelled rocker look that I’ve come to associate with black polish.

Also, I couldn’t help but include my Black Opium in these shots, as the finish of Nuit Noire reminds me a lot of the sparkling black paillette surface of the bottle. There is something classy-yet-edgy about the finished appearance that keeps it interesting and appropriate for spring.


If you’re still not tempted by this particular black, you can still enjoy the Nuit Blanche. One layer will give you a translucent, subtle finish like the last ice crystals as they give in to the warming sunlight of the season, or add a holographic touch when layered on top of another shade. Built up, however, this is the nailpolish of choice for Frozen’s Elsa, along with anyone else who is feeling sparkling white tips this spring. YSL Nuit Noire Nuit Blanche Black Opium

Considering how my nails will split and peel, and most nail polishes will crack and take off flakes of nail with it that’s quite a feat. Normally, I’d tell you “Don’t ask me because nothing sticks on my nails”, but I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results I get with these.

All in all these two polishes, to me anyways, provide a stark and refreshing contrast to the pastels and pinks we have come to associate with spring looks, and while I caved and picked up Guerlain’s baby pink, I can see myself wearing these less subtle offerings more often throughout the year.

Are you enjoying the pastels, are you on board with black for spring or are you juuuust starting to consider subbing your oxblood or classic red for one with a touch of coral as the weather heats up?

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Siri, what a beautifully-written post! I actually have a friend who is somewhere up north in Norway with her husband, experiencing the extreme weather lifestyle (apparently it’s tough LOL)! I like Nuit Blanche more, and I’m glad to hear they seem to last so well. I have never really been on board with the pastel trend, but I can’t wait to pull my juicy watermelon pinks, corals, and hot pinks out 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Sunny! Sounds exciting. D’you know where they’re at?
      Is that a nahema mani I see in your future?

      1. Sunny says:

        Ahaha so apparently they are on the island of Jan Mayen! They’re enjoying some quality time with Alaskan Huskies. I’m jealous :p

  2. Love this post, I’m slightly taken by your Instagram account these days and your incredible pics! I adore this perfume, it’s just beautiful…

    1. sirilovise says:

      So glad you like it.
      All of my photography is really benefiting from the longer days. Just wish I might get some proper sunshine on my days off and not just when I’m heading in for work or am stuck on the couch because I’m sick, like today.
      The folks at YSL were right in calling this Black Opium, even though it’s very far from the original Opium, it seems to have that same addictive effect on people popping by to smell it. And now Lancôme’s reinvented a classic as well, that I adore! And I was never one for Lancôme perfumes!

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