Chanel Blush Camellia Rose


blush camellia roseChanel do some of the most beautiful compacts I’ve ever seen. I fell head over heels for the intricate design of the limited edition highlighter from Holiday 2014, so it was only a matter of time before my resolve crumbled in the face of their spring collection, Jardin de Chanel. Not too big on pastels I find tthe shades of this collection to be right up my street, and with a blooming bouquet as its centrepiece, what can I say? I do like flowers.

blush camellia rose

The cardboard box is black with pink around the edges to set it apart from the regular line up. The case itself, however, is a glossy black, making the delicate pink flowers on the inside stand out all the more.


The two shades of pink used together provides a natural flush like you’ve been walking in one of the green gardens around Paris, or you can use them separately – if you have a small enough brush – to achieve a subtle shading and sheer pink glow perfect for enlivening a pale, wintery complexion.


Sometimes the BF will bring me roses. Not because it’s Valentine’s day or any particular day, for that matter, but because we think it’s the rest of the year that’s important. Sometimes, however, a girl has to buy her own flowers, and I do so love it when there’s a practical use for them. Anyone else taking matters into their own hands?

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  1. Gah this is too pretty I need it for no other reason than I’ll feel a million dollars just holding it!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Or 2.5 mill € when you’ve got the météorites in the other hand 😉 and then there’s the upcoming bronzer. Quite sheer that one too – in a good way – so might be a danger for both Scandinavian and Irish wallets😯

  2. Sunny says:

    Aww what a great post, Siri! Glad to hear you’re in love with this one 🙂 I’ve taken matters into my own hands, especially because now I do my #TulipTuesday feature. Much easier if I pick my own flowers so I can work on that!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks, Sunny. I love your #tuliptuesday because it reminds me to pick up flowers once in a while too!

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