Guerlain Finally Decided To Turn Winter Red, Windblown Cheeks Into Blushing Roses For Spring


perlesdeblushIt’s pretty safe to say that I adore Guerlain’s Météorites Perles, for setting my makeup and adding that little extra touch to my skin to make it a little less dull in winter. I also love a glowy base with sculpted, naturally flushed cheeks, so when Guerlain decided it was finally time for them to do what they should have done ages ago and combine their gorgeous pearls with a more pigmented formula, I would be among the first in line.

The Les Tendres collection for spring 2015 consists of a light-coverage base to erase signs of fatigue and leave you with a smoother, more even, glowing skintone, two new and limited edition shades of Kiss Kiss lipstick, a new shade of their Maxi Lash Mascara, two eyeshadow palettes, pressed Météorites compacts in three different shades, a pale pink nail polish and – the star of the show – Météorites Perles De Blush Angelic Radiance.

perles de blush

My picks, for the nonce anyways, are the blush and the nail poish in #369 Baby Rose.

The nail polish is a lovely shade of pale pink that really seems to brighten the appearance of the skin on my hands. The brush makes it real easy to apply, as it’s a quite wide brush with dense bristles that nearly covers all of the nail in one go. The formula itself requires a bit of patience, though, as it is somewhat sheer and requires several strokes for full coverage.

baby rose

The blush, to be honest, doesn’t swatch well. At all. I pressed the little powder puff accompanying the pearls to my skin, leaving me with a chalky mark on my hand. But these babies weren’t made to be swatched, they were made to impart a radiant flush to cheeks, and that, my dears, is just what it does. I don’t even swirl my brush in the pink and champagne pearls, I just press it to the puff – which takes up half of the tiny cardboard box – to pick up the product before blending it all onto my skin, fusing it with my shade of contour. The results can be seen here. It sits perfectly between pink and coral, can be built up for more impact or toned down for a more subtle effect, and infuses the cheeks with a healthy, glowing colour to cover up how winter has ravaged the skin.

perles de blush eclat angelique


On me this lasts all day, as well, so there’s no need to feel glum about the über-cute box, decorated with little cherubs and swirls, being made from cardboard. That said, considering the price, it wouldn’t have hurt if it was a bit more long-lasting, so that in five years, when I’ve probably used up the blush I could’ve used it as a tiny jewelry box.

That brings us to the second issue people have voiced over the product. Some compare it to the orginal Météorites in terms of size. Yes, the blush is 13g versus the original’s 25g. The box is a lot smaller, and the pearls are tiny, but have you seen the pigments of these? The tiny little pearls are so densely packed with colour there’s no way you’re going to use all of it this season or the next, unless you intend to use it all over your face every day for the coming year. And if you do, well, my friend, you must have some very costly habits, indeed.

Now, please excuse me while I continue looking at my face from every angle whilst pretending angels crushed roses and blew the powder onto my cheeks.


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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Siri, I was on the fence about this, but your “it sits perfectly between pink and coral” comment is pushing me to the “YES PLEASE” side! I don’t think it’s fair to compare these to the original Meteorites at all. I think it’s more fair to compare it with any other blush you can find on the market, which most definitely wouldn’t contain 13 grams! So honestly, I think it’s a good deal!

    Have a nice week and say hi to Miss Teyla from me and the kitties!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hi, Sunny 🙂

      I’m in love with it! You should definitely make your way to a counter asap and get your flush on – it’s so natural and applies seamlessly.
      I very much agree that it makes more sense to compare it to a blush than to the original pearls, as they are in essence two different products buildt around the same design.

      Teyla says hi. She’s got a bit of writer’s block these day, so she’s limiting her online activity to instagram for the time being.

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