I can’t believe the news today


There are no pictures in this post.

Because though a picture can convey more than a thousand words, sometimes even pictures are empty. Sometimes words become empty.

I didn’t know her very well, though we met a few times by accident, and throughout uper secondary her son was one of my closest friends.

I was shocked to hear it to the point that I thought it was just another headline when I today read that actress Maryon Eilertsen was dead. I saw her in pretty much every play I’ve visited, though the one that made the bigest impression on me was tephen King’s Misery. Thanks to a friend I had the opportunity to see her performance in the play. Along with another actor and the team working BTS she managed to keep the audience at the edge of our seats for what was probably more than two hours – This was the performance that made the biggest impression on me, from all of her performances, as well as the performance of any other actor.

Dear friend, I can’t convey how sorry I am for your loss.

The rest of you, please light a candle for the most formidable person you may or may not have met or seen. The dramatic arts have lost an incredible individual.



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