I Picked Up A Fallen Angel.

Fallen AngelJust before Christmas I placed my first order with Charlotte Tilbury for the limited edition Fallen Angel palette along with her K.I.S.S.I.N.G. mini trio. As the trio is no longer available, I won’t go much into detail on those for now, but I’ve got a few regular sized ones coming my way, which can only signify that I rather liked the product. Also, I do wish more lipsticks came in such a handy mini-size as you’d be able to justify having a huge collection along with going through it all before the “use by date”. Of course, one would expect the pricetag to match the size.

If you’re in a hurry, or haven’t got the patience for one of my long-winded anecdotes, skip the following four-five paragraphs.

While visiting Dublin I made my way to Brown Thomas and the Charlotte Tilbury counter there. Unfortunately, the light was just horrible for swatching, but my initial impressions weren’t good. As this was in fall, I was mostly feeling reds and plums for my lipsticks, and none of the shades at the counter impressed me sufficiently for me to put down the ones already in my stash just yet.

That doesn’t mean I won’t pick up some lovely Charlotte Tilbury reds and plums, just that I need to go through the stuff I’ve already got.

What I was looking forward to the most, however, was the eyeshadow palettes, and I had my eyes on Dolce Vita and Vintage Vamp. I’ll have to admit, I was whelmed by these upon swatching, and wrote them off as hype. They felt very dry to touch, and saturation to me was less than satisfactory compared to other palettes in the same price range.

I’ve a picture of me on Instagram wearing the Vintage Vamp palette, and while I love the look, the palette itself didn’t provide me with the results I wanted. Admittedly, results might have been better with a primer and better time, the SA was very kind to squeeze me in between all the other ladies waiting in line, but at the price I expected more from the product itself. The results I got felt heavy, patchy and ageing, and when I was torn between the Vintage Vamp look and a gorgeous smokey eye Tilbury did for the gorgeous Olivia Palermo, I opted for a Vintage Vamp-inspired look using shades from Urban Decay’s Vice 3.

I returned to the counter just before heading home to Norway, and at the time they had just recieved testers for The Supermodel look. I’d been lusting after that beauty of a palette since I first saw photos online, but after my initial disappointment I was skeptical, and only swatched the palette briefly, thinking I was fooling myself and imagining an improvement in texture as well as pigmentation. The palette wasn’t available for purchase anyways, so it was just as well that I left it at that.

It is a sad truth, however, with us beauty junkies, that nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy, and the Fallen Angel palette haunted me like an angry ghost. And then it happened. To my surprise it was available online – still is – from the Charlotte Tilbury website. And they ship to Norway. I couldn’t help myself. I went ahead and placed an order, and I’m glad I did.

Fallen Angel Charlotte Tilbury

This is nothing like my intial impression of the rest of the eyeshadows from the line, though I suppose the name “Luxury Palette” should have clued me in.

Just to touch, the eyeshadows of the Fallen Angel palette still feels dry, but at the same time less powdery and smoother than the regular line.

The shades are very easy to use. They blend seamlessly with hardly any fall-out for anything from a simple daytime look to a full on smokey eye, and comes with a suggestion of how to wear it from “desk to disco”. No need to keep the box, instructions for which shades to use for “prep, enhance, smoke and pop” is handily attached underneath. And the colours should work for just anybody.

The prep shade is a creamy white gold, providing both a base layer and highlight.

To enhance there’s a beautiful silvery taupe that adds dimension to the look, and I do love my taupes.

The smoke shade is the most incredible black I’ve ever encountered. It’s a matte shade, but looking at it it’s got a satin sheen, sometimes I think there’s a hint of teal to it as well. While the other three shades of the palette softly shimmers in the pan, this shade seems to have an inherent luminosity that I’ve never encountered in a matte shade, let alone a black. At the same time it seems to truly absorb the light, in a way that gives you the feeling you are staring into the vast empty spaces of the Universe, going between and beyond the stars. Pictures can’t do it justice. And it’s buildable to take you from a soft shading to a full on intense smokey eye. But the best thing, and something so important with a black like this, especially if you’ve already applied your base, or you’re really using it to go from desk to disco. No. Fall-out. Not that I’ve noticed anyways.

So yeah, that’s a whole paragraph relating solely to a black eyeshadow.

And then there’s the bronze to give warmth and make your eyes pop.

These shades can easily be used wet, though I mostly prefer to work with them dry.

The casing is a lovely combination of burgundy and rose gold, very much in line with what is mostly associated with luxury, yet it is plastic, making it lightweight for travel. They haven’t wasted time and money on flimsy applicators that you’re going to toss anyways, but kept it simple and elegant, while the stars embossing the outer lid and the eyeshadows themselves makes this a stylish product that you’ll love to take out of your purse for (unneccesary) touch-ups once you’ve gotten over the pain of ruining the detailing on the poduct itself.

So there you have it. My initial thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows, the palette I couldn’t just let slip and quite possibly the longest review of a black eyeshadow in blogging history.

Have you tried the range?

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