I am Terrybly amazed

By Terry Terrybly

Things take time and sometimes they take a long time. I had the pleasure – though my account would contest this being pleasurable – of living within walking distance of a Space NK for a few weeks. Actually, it could be said to be on my way home from the busstop, so obviously had to make up for the time spent apart. It’s taken me most of my stay in Belfast and two months to get to it, but finally I’m going to tell you about two of my findings from that famed place of beauty.

Space NK is an Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, holding scented candles and gorgeous perfumes I didn’t ever think I’d get the opportunity to have a whiff of and gorgeous, gourgeous cosmetics. Not in the sense that Guerlain is gorgeous, with their fancy packaging (Hands up if you’re counting down the days to their new spring collection!), but fabulous, quality products in clean, smooth packaging that there’s no way of laying hands on for swatching where I’m currently at in the Arctic – which is too bad because my the contents of the tubes of By Terry Baume de Rose I picked up is swiftly decreasing, along with my Eve Lom Moisturizer, and I’d love to add another shade of Nars Audacious lipstick to my collection – if only I got past the By Terry stand and their amazing line of Terrybly lipsticks.

You might think “How many lipsticks can one woman possibly need?” I honestly don’t know, but I’d say ten. Ten various shades of red. At least! And then there’s all the other shades. I am particularly fond of plums, myself, though I am increasingly findig myself venturing out of my comfort zone of berries and wines and trying on nude shades. One of my most read posts seem to be one featuring both.

Carnal Attraction

Back to the stuff I can’t get here, though, I’ve another pair of lipsticks to show yous. This time I’m going to have to direct you to my Instagram, though, as I’m still waiting for brighter days and better natural light for my selfies/swatches.

Shortly after arriving in Belfast I made my way to the aforementioned shop, and found myself wearing a lipstick from By Terry. The shade was 404 Carnal Attractionof their Terrybly line – I suppose Dior has copyrighted –ific with their Diorific line, because a better description of the sensation of wearing it is terrific. Unlike anything else I’ve worn on my lips. It went on smooth with a veil-like feeling. Softer than Chanel’s Allure Velvets, less sticky (not that it is sticky) than Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss, softening, comfortable, smooth and light-weight. But the strangest thing is how it changes with every reapplication.

It starts out with a stain-like, silky finish. A deep berry tint on your lips, that can be blotted down further if you prefer. As you go through your day you’ll pat on a bit of balm once in a while, because while it’s somewhat hydrating, it’s not enough to get you through a whole day without a bit of help. I love the tinted By Terry balms for this. Upon the next application it’s still similar in shade to Nars Vera from the Audacious line, which is slightly redder. Might also be reminiscent of Urban Decay’s Venom, but Venom is a brighter shade.

I love the way Carnal Attraction seems to gather in creases on my lip as it wears and is reapplied during the day. I know it sounds terrible, but it’s the only way I can think of to describe the almost bitten effect it gives. It also seems to plump lips, though it doesn’t come close to Kiss Kiss or Pure Color Envy in the sculpting department.

Then I go about my business, layering the shade, and by the end of the day, the soft stain from morning has become a full-on bold, vampy lip. The best part is, that while the effects and shade is dissimilar from the rest of my stash, I found another lipstick from the line that provided the same interesting texture, going through the same interesting stages of colour intensity with no extra effort on my part. And I fell in love.

Bare Instinct


403 Bare Instinct starts out as more of a vintage rose on my lips, almost my lips but better, but going through the same levels of transformations ends up as a muted berry.

I would love to try more from the line, as I found these two shades to be unique to everything else I’ve tried. From the shades to the texture to the changing qualities and the casing. Oh, didn’t I say? The casing’s a shiny smooth silver with quite a bit of luxurious heft. Simple, minimal, and elegant.

All in all, these lipsticks are not to be passed over easily. That said, they come in at quite the price, and I wouldn’t pick one up unseen, or based solely on reviews. After all, as I mentioned on instagram,  my plum might be someone else’s prune, if you know what I mean.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Oh great: now I’ve got to try one of these! I’m not sure I’m on board with this “Terrybly” business, but I recently tried one of the new blushes and I’m very impressed. I guess these will be my next!

    1. sirilovise says:

      The blushes are gorgeous, and i love the concealer. Would love to try more of the lipsticks, but these two stryck me as the most unique shades. Enough so, even, to justify picking up both.
      Not convinced by the powders, though, and the foundation wouldn’t set properly on my skin, but felt somewhat caked and moist – and everytime i had to scratch, because it felt sliiiiightly itchy on me, i came away with foundation on my fingers. Doesn’t mean the product is bad, just not right for me, so saving my money for a la paririe, charlotte tilbury or zelens foundation if I’m not going to play it safe and repurchase guerlain tenue when the bottle i have runs out;)

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