Teylamail 17 – What Mam got me for Christmas before we went to the lightshow.



In case you didn’t see the photo on me from the New Years’ Eve party, chewing my delicious treat and being charming and cute on Mam’s instagram, happy new year!

This post marks my 17th, not counting the very special Christmas Eve edit, and also my first post of 2015. Not bad for a husky, eh?

The weather’s been quite crazy here, switching from so cold that Mam’s almost turned us around before even hitting the road, so warm that it’s been raining, and a nice flurry of snow inbetween to lighten everything. All of this, however means that Mam has a bit of trouble when we’re going out, because you silly humans wear shoes on your feet, and can’t use your claws to keep steady during the slippery conditions known as winter. This of course means Mam has to step carefully so she doesn’t fall and hit her head again. Yes, that happened, and it was no fun at all, except for Dad coming home early after taking her to see the doctor.

Anyways, one day Mam came home, and she smelled of a place she and dad will sometimes visit to get special treats for me. This time she’d brought pressies for some of my friends, along with an extra special treat for me. Shoes!!!


She made a point of telling me that I’m not allowed to chew on the laces of these, but after a thorough inspection and a few weeks of testing I have come to the conclusion that these shoes are pretty great.

The brand is called Icebug, and they place tiny claws underneath the soles of the shoes, which gives Mam better grip on the ice than what I’ve got. Also, the fit is quite good, so she doesn’t get sore paws. These things contibute to giving Mam a better gait compared to her regular footwear. And a lessened risk of falling means that we go running more often and vary our routes more.


So, my fellow four-legged friends, if your parents aren’t too keen on going out during the winter, I highly recommend telling them about the Icebugs. And if you’re one of my two-legged readers, dreading the outside in winter, maybe even feeling bad because walks are short and performed in a very cautious manner, these are the shoes to take you safely over the threshold and to wherever after.

Mam says she’d love to wear them all the time, but like some of the clothes she wear, these are part of my gear – The stuff she only wears when we’re going out, and that’s how I know to get ready. If she’s putting on these tights with reflective details I know we’re going out, so I start warming up by pacing in the hall and when she’s dressed, off we go!

And I can tell yous, there are a lot of things we’d be missing out on if she had to worry about hitting her head again. Like running through an area where there’s plenty of fowl – I want to hunt them soooo bad! Or taking my Auntie Troya for a walk during the holidays. Or that ligtshow we went to up the hill before Christmas.

Want to see?


aurora borealis



I love winter!

Don’t you?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Teyla, sorry but I don’t love winter as much as you do! It doesn’t snow nearly as much here in Belgium, but I dislike how snow slows me down! Those shoes look really nice, and I hope they’ll keep your mom safe in the snow: falling is never fun! The northern light is so amazing. I think I’d like to see that once for myself! xx

    1. sirilovise says:

      Mam says she walks so fast to stay warm and spend as little time as possible out in the snow.
      You should come! You can sleep on the sofa, and we’ll go for walks in the evenings and see if Aurora wants to put on a show for you! And you can sneak me treats from the table with Mam and Dad none the wiser 😉

  2. Tora says:

    Now yoy must go chewing on those shoes, your mum would be very sad then!:)
    What a cool collar you have;)

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hiyah, Tora. I don’t think I’ll get any more treats if I do – she was quite upset after I played with one of my tights while she was away. And the other clothes she had to put on slowed her down.
      Thanks! You know, Mam could tell you where she got them and you could get one for Odin too. I’ve got this one with the Transformers logo, but if I want I can be Super-Teyla or Bat-Teyla instead. Sometimes I chew on it when I’m bored, but it’s holding up really well:)

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