Vices and Resolutions.


Happy new year, everybody.

Vice 3

Hope you all have been enjoying the holidays, none got a pet just for Christmas, and that you’ve comitted to resolutions you can hold or none at all. If you’re in the latter camp, might I suggest you join me in mine:

I’m going to have my cake and eat it too. (I’m actually having a piece right now.)

Life is short, buy the lipstick. (And I am considering a few of Charlotte Tilbury’s offerings at the moment.)

Try something new. (I’ve run out of ANR, so it might be time to try Guerlain’s Super Aqua Serum.)

Stop slathering on excessive amounts of moisturizer. (No matter the moisturizer, serum or oil I’ve tried, my skin always feels a bit tight, but I’m not helping it by drowning it in product either.)

Drink more water.

Play more with my camera and practice my selfies.

To kick off the new year I’ve got a bit of a firework to show yous. You’ve all probably seen it before, but here is my take on Urban Decay’s Vice 3.

Vice 3

I bought the first one when it launched, but to be honest, I haven’t really used it that much. It’s pretty and all, but I think it’s just too many choices in one palette for me. I was complaining to some of my friends the other day while planning my makeup for NYE that people who could get by with just one or two palettes don’t know how lucky they are, because there’s less to choose from. #firstworldproblem right there. One of my friends who sympathize more with my addiction than others did take the time to remind me of how utterly boring that would be.

If you’ve seen my instagram lately, you may have noticed my wee dilemma. I was stuck between a gorgeous, nautral, shimmery smokey eye look Charlotte Tilbury did for Olivia Palermo using her Fallen Angel palette and a nude lipstick and the beautiful Vintage Vamp – one of her iconic looks. I do own the former, but have none of the products for the latter, which incidentally was the one I opted for, using shades from my Vice 3 instead (Last Sin, Bondage, Sonic, Alchemy and Lucky for those interested, with a touch of gliters on top). I didn’t have much time for practice or to make sure that it would be a satisfactory “dupe”, but in the end it worked a treat.

Vice 3

The layout makes for lovely suggestions for how to wear the shades, going not only vertically, but can also be divided into squares for some interesting colour combos. Of course, there’s nothing keeping you from mixing and matching shades to your hearts’ delight. The combination of brights, neutrals, shimmers, satins and mattes makes it very versatile for the makeup-interested novice as well as the seasoned artist.

I do find I have some issues with this palette, along with other recent eyeshadow palettes from the brand. Mainly that while the shades are still pigmented applied over a primer, they feel a lot drier than some of my older palettes, and I get more fall-out during application.

This issue is easily amended by employing my usual fail-safe: Apply eyeshadow first, because if you’re unhappy wth the results, or you find there’s a lot of fall-out, it’s a lot easier to just take it off because you won’t disrupt that base you’ve been putting so much time and work into.

I’m also wondering if anybody else find a lot of UDs recent releases to turn a bit muddy upon blending? It might be the shades I choose, but this is an issue I’ve had with the Naked Basics 2 as well as shades from Naked 3 that they loose a lot of their vibrance during that crucial stage of my application.

Could it be that I blend too much?

As always I can’t speak for weartime without a primer, because I always wear one, but longevity no less than what I’ve come to expect from the brand. No creasing, no budging and come rain or shine, it stays put for as long as I need it to.

In spite of our issues, I find this incarnation of Urban Decay’s Vice palettes to be one of my favourites, though not necessarily the solution to my #firstworldproblem of having too many shades to choose from, you could get by with just this this one and still be able to create a lot of fun and varied looks.

I know I’ve already promised to do a purple smokey eye, but I’m waiting for better lighting conditions, but if there are any looks you’d like to see, using the Vice 3, feel free to post in comments.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha life is short. Buy the lipstick. I am so joining you in that! Happy new year to you, Teyla, and Teyla’s daddy!

    I really love the look you wore for NYE. Sorry to hear the palette isn’t as great as it’s supposed to be tho! I haven’t bought anything from UD for a while, mostly because I just don’t use my eyeshadow palettes often enough to justify the purchase!

    1. sirilovise says:

      And happy new year to you and your family, Sunny:)
      Yeah, it is a good palette in every way, just not as good as ud used to be. They do still know how to make some of the best lipsticks. Shame has been my go-to two holidays in a row, so if you find yourself with a wad of money burning a hole in your purse, you know what to do;)

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