Chanel Camélia De Plumes – The Ultimate Indulgence

Chanel Camélia De PlumesA little over a month ago Chanel’s holiday collection launched, and with it the most beautiful highlighter I’ve ever seen. Ever. The Chanel Camélia De Plumes is truly a work of art. The three dimensional pattern, feathers in the shape of a camellia flower is so finely detailed that I have had to study it hard to decide wether there were little hollows underneath each strand, and not just the imprint of the pattern. It applies beautifully, more subtle than the highlighters from the Bobbi Brown holiday collection, with a golden hint to the silver sheen. Not metallic, just glowy gorgeousness.

That said I haven’t yet been able to use mine – I just sometimes pop it on in the store, because it’s just too pretty for me to do anything other than take it out of it’s box, wrapped in Chanel tissue, open the velvet pouch and gawk at the intricate details of the powder. I just can’t bring myself to take a brush to it and ruin the pattern.

I don’t own many Chanel products, Guerlain obviously resonates more with me, but this one was simply irresistible. What can I say? I like my money where I can see them.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    What an AWESOME shot!!! You crack me up! This is makeup, so now that you have your pretty photo, USE IT! 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hahaha! Maybe I’ll just try to sweep around the edges:p

      1. Sunny says:

        This kind of pattern can’t be destroyed very easily tho. You should just go ahead!

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