The Return Of Scribbles – And The Items That I Wasn’t Supposed To Get.


Guerlain Un Soir A L'OperaHey, all.

Sorry that it’s been quiet both on my part as well as from Teyla. After leaving Belfast I’ve just been taking my time settling down again, reaquainting myself with the workplace, the Norwegian currency and trying to figure out what language I was speaking – first day in a foreign woman approached me and the BF, talking in English, and even to my own surprise I responded in Spanish.

Then there’s the weather, that either has been encouraging me to take Miss T for wee runs or had me hiding under the blanket. Rain and plus temperatures in November? No, thank you!

But most importantly, I just haven’t felt like resizing and “signing” my photos, even though, as you might gather from my instagram, there’s a lot of pretty to go through. So much that I didn’t even know where to begin, but I had to start somewhere, and decided it was time to revisit Guerlain’s holiday collection, and the items that I wasn’t supposed to get.

I no longer remember what happened first – just that I wasn’t getting the sparkly, perfumed Coque D’Or shimmers, nor the gorgeous pale golden nail polish, and I definitely didn’t need another red lipstick, even if it came in a limited edition glossy red casing. But then I got one, and it didn’t make sense not to pick up the rest of the collection. Blogger problems, I tell you. Anyways, the sparkles are just as gorgeous as last year, though instead of the magical pink sparkles, it’s all about gold. For Thranduil it’s all about silver sparkles and he’d be most envious of my Chanel highlighter, Thorin’s got his eyes on the Arkenstone, but Bilbo, Smaug and myself, we’re going for gold – Haven’t seen the Hobbit yet? No worries, I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Back to the Coque D’Or, this is a collector’s item that makes for a great present for the beauty-lover in your life that you want to gift with something special.

Coque d'OrThe nail polish picks up the golden theme, applying beautifuly to tips, and ike many of the tems in the collection will have you covered for summer as well. I honesty think this collection is great value in terms of versatility, though there are still two items that just don’t interest me – the sparky gloss and the Cygne Blanc duo, yet it feels complete without them. Maybe because I’ve got in my hands the Rolls Royce of lipsticks – Guerlain’s Rouge G.

Rouge Parade

The reguar packaging of the Rouge G is a hefty silver with a handy mirror in the cap. For the occasion, however, the Rouge Parade is dressed in a glossy red, matching the shade it holds. The Rouge Parade is pretty much everything you could want from a lipstick – luxurious, creamy, pigmented and hydrating enough for you to leave your balm at home, and as it is quite weighty it makes your handbag double as a weapon of defence in an emergency. “Don’t come closer! I’ve got a Rouge G in my bag and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Rouge Parade

Try holding one, and you’ll know what I mean.

As it should be, as we’re nearing Christmas, this is a classical red, leaning quite warm to go with the theme of the collection. I actually think this is the warmest red I’ve got that’s still red and not coral or orange red. It’s subtle though, so even if you’d normally go for cooler tones you might find this your go-to this holiday season, and into the new year.

Who else is indulging in gold and glitters this season?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Oh yay, you’re back!!! I missed you and Teyla, although I do see you guys on Instagram 🙂 Glad to see you’re happy with your Guerlain haul. That Rouge G is one of the must-haves in my book, and red isn’t even my favorite lipstick shade (blasphemy, I know)!

    1. sirilovise says:

      For now Teyla seems happy to have me back and running – she’s really enjoying my new shoes – so there’s no knowing when or what she’ll post next.
      I’m having a hard time imagining what Guerlain will come up with in a year, because this collection has proved so versatile. And Rouge Parade is a great way to amp up a coral daytime look;)

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