It’s Looking To Be A Guerlain Christmas

Guerlain Christmas 2014Hey, all.

Normally I’d try stuff out for longer, but as we’re talking a beautiful limited edition collection here, and I’ve no idea when I’ll get to blogging the next time (and I’ve got lots of pictures for yous), I thought it best to just get this photos up and out there before I decided to do another retake or the products disappeared from the shelves.

I am in beautiful Belfast, and enjoying myself very much. I said I wouldn’t make blogging a priority, but as it turned out I wasn’t to be the only new arrival, and I just couldn’t help myself. I accidentally snatched up most of the collection, leaving only the LE Rouge G, the Cygne Blanc eyeshadow duo, the top coat gold shimmer lipgloss, the gold nail polish and the Coque D’Or shimmer powder for my wishlist this Christmas – Yes, yes, let’s face it, it’s not much longer, so start planning your presents. Anyways, even if I’ve no idea what dress to wear – probably something from the closet – I do believe I know what makeup I’ll be wearing to the workplace Christmas party, and it’s golden.

The palette is carefully package in a huge black box.
The palette is carefully packaged in a huge black box.

Personally, I consider Guerlain to be the definition of luxe, with their gorgeous packaging, the brands history, the scent… It all just comes together. This year Guerlain takes it all the way. The packaging is a combination of black, gold and red, colours that are associated with luxury. To be honest, I was merely eyeing the Météorites Perles d’Etoile (even though I have the regular ones as well as last years LE) and the Cygne Noir eyeshadow duo, but then I swatched the red gloss, Rouge Parade in store and it was amazing.

Guerlain Perles d'Etoile

This years limited edition pearls has slightly more sparkle to them than the permanent lineup, though there’s no way you would achieve the oh-so-desirable discoball sparkles with these. Guerlain being Guerlain, even the shimmer powder would still be classy. They are delivered in a matte gold tin with red lining, and instead of the well-known pattern on top, this is adorned with a simple bow with red accents, reminiscent of the Coque d’Or bottle. Inside is a red fluffy powder puff – this too decorated with a bow, and pearles in red, bronze, pink, beige, gold, and a pale gold, all to illuminate and brighten the skin. For some reason the pink and red pearls seem to have gathered at the bottom of mine, so if I pick up more of those it is actually pigmented enough for me to get a subtle blush. And on that note, I’ll leave the pearles in their little jewelry box – or I might forget to write because I’ll be sniffing that gorgeous violet smell. I do wish they’d bring back the Météorites perfume, because I could just shroud myself in this scent.

Cygne Blanc

In the same golden packaging as the permanent lineup you’ll find two duos of eyeshadow, packed in a black velvet pouch and accompanied by a sponge tip applicator that actually is quite good. One to represent the white swan of the ballet, Cygne Blanc, and one is the black swan, Cygne Noir. I’ll be honest, I barely swatched the Cygne Blanc, for the one that was calling to me was the mysterious Cygne Noir. I actually did have photos of this from before I took a brush to it, but the light at the time was just wrong and didn’t really show off the beautiful shades. A satin plum with a coppery hint, this could be similar to Urban Decay’s Rockstar, but at least on me it actually applies better, and you can recognise it as a plum shade rather than what I get from Rockstar.

As I’m in Belfast, I haven’t got it with me to compare, but Rockstar applies on my lids like a sheer black with a satin brown overlay. This however is a plum. And I could leave it at that. I could. But that’s no fun. Not when there’s a sheer black with flecks of silver glitter right next to it. With these shades I like to apply the pigmented shade as a liner, and the one with the glitter as an overlay, and I done so with this duo as well for a combo that got me compliments from the woman at the Guerlain counter when I returned for more. I also found that the duo worked well for a simple smokey eye on a night out, applying the plum as a base, layering the black on top and intesifying it along the lash line. You just can’t go wrong with these, and can I just say, it couldn’t be more perfect for green-eyed beauties.

Guerlain Rouge Parade

The first accidental purchase from the lineup was the Rouge Parade Gloss d’Enfer. A beautiful, saturated cherry red. Wonderful for daytime as well as nighttime. For my recent night out I actually went all out, combining my Cygne Noir smokey eye with this red lip, and while the iphone refused to take a clear colour photo of me at the time, you can find a black and white version on my instagram. I’m usually more of a lipstick girl, but I love these glosses, and I find them to be sufficiently hydrating for all day wear – though you will want to top up after eating or drinking.

Guerain Un Soir A L'Opera

At the time I swatched the Petrouchka Palette and the Coque d’Or nail polish top coat, but tried to pace myself. That didn’t last, though, and the clear top coat with the gold leaves made its way to me along with the palette that I wasn’t going to buy as I’ve already got umpteen shades of golden and bronzey eyeshadows. But you know, it will come in handy for travel, as it includes pretty much all the colours you need.

Guerlain Petrouchka
Four different shades of blush – that I adore – a pale pink that will give just the subtlest radiant touch of pink to fair skin, a rose-hued blush that I can see working very well with a red lip, a bright coral (sold!), and a brown red that will add lovely definition to the cheekbones. Add to that one white gold shade and a gold one, perfect highlighters, a copper, a red bronze and a darker, slightly cooler brown, all shimmery and perfect for the festive season, as well as your summer tan next year. I haven’t gotten around to playing much with these yet, but thus far I find they apply smooth and even, and blends with ease.

Guerlain Petrouchka This all fits in a matte gold compact that comes with a red bow – a reference to the Coque d’Or and the bows that the men attending the opera would wear, a velvet pouch, a wee blush brush and a sponge tipped applicator. Guerlain’s are the only ones I’ve used to great success, so don’t kick it ’till you’ve tried it. That said, I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten around to have a proper play with the palette yet, though first impressions are very good, the shades blend with ease and manages to be shimmery without verging into pageant territores. Based on my previous experience, though, and a hurried application I can say I expect excellent performance, and I’ll let yous know oif it fails to deliver.

An everyday look created using Cygne Noir, Rouge Parade and Perles d'Etoile.
An everyday look created using Cygne Noir, Rouge Parade and Perles d’Etoile.

So there you have it.


Dear Santa. L’Heure Bleu nail polish from the same brand would compliment the gold leaf top coat nicely, so I’m putting in on the wishlist for your consideration.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Haha you’ve got a NICE portion of the collection here, and I love the look you came up with (interesting play of light and shadow on your face by the way)! Haven’t got word about when it’ll be available here yet, but I’ve got so many things on my wish list! I probably don’t need another red lipstick, but Rouge Parade is like… TOO PRETTY TO PASS 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      Oh, don’t say that – I’m trying very hard not to get that! Hehe, got a bit of afternoon sun coming in the window, now if someone would come up with a powder that managed to mimic that… 😉

  2. I love that you’re obsessed with Guerlain!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Ever since they launched their Cils d’Enfer (and thus far I find neither Elizabeth Arden, Benefit, Clinique, Clarins or Lancome provides the same results) they’ve been releasing products that appeal to me on all accounts. Even Urban Decay takes a back seat (though we’ll see what I think of Perversion Mascara once I’m done with Lancome Grandiose). That said, have you had a whiff of L’Homme Ideal? I want it both for myself and the bf!

  3. Nikki says:

    They look all so beautiful! It’s the palette that’s captured my attention though. 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      It’s gorgeous, and very handy. Just be aware that some of the shades are very like to the guerlain ecrin 2 couleurs and will work better with the accompanying sponge applicator than a brush. That said, they blend beautifully and I do believe I’ll bring this when I go out of town next weekend, just because it’s so handy and works whether I want a smokey eye or a more natural look (with a touch of shimmer of course).

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