Space NK New York Story – It’s What You Do With What You’ve Got

All Lit UpI posted a selfie over on instagram some time ago in which I’d used the stuff I’ve got in my own stash in an attempt to recreate one of Space.NKs New York looks. That picture was by the way taken in our backroom at work where the daylight coming in through the window is incredibly flattering in photos – quite the opposite of our livingroom (but the bathroom lighting’s worse, so there you go). Anyways, I got a lot of positive response on said picture, with a request for a blogpost with more deets on the look. After several trials and failures to get it right I decided I had to post this. After all it’s about what you do with what you’ve got.

Aaaand I’ll be going away to a faraway land, and I’m going away for a while. And, as this trip constitutes the basis for my master’s dissertation, blogging won’t be a priority. It may occur, but it won’t be a priority. Sorry, I could probably have scheduled posts way into my return, but I get so excited about the things I write that when I do I just want to post it all then and there. I expect there will be updates on my instagram account, though, so if you miss me, head on over. If you miss reading the Teylamail, then that makes two of us. I’ll be taking all my stuff with me so unless she gets to borrow some from her Dad, she won’t be posting about her adventures anytime soon. I can only hope that we can both learn to skype.

Anyways, the look I’ve gone with is the All Lit Up, but like I said, I haven’t got half the stuff they used. Actually, the only thing my stash and their tutorial has in common is the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette.

The first thing you do is create an even canvas, so a cleansed and moisturized face is key. I’ve applied my favourite base from Guerlain, L’Or, which is great for dry or mature skin. If you’re going to treat yourself to one of their bases and have oily or combination skin you might be more interested in their Meteorites base.

Next, my favourite foundation from the same brand, Tenue de Perfection. No other foundation I’ve tried works with my skin the way this one does, so I’ll use selftan and neckblending and hide the fact that it’s actually a tad darker than I what I should be wearing.

I’ve also used my Diorshow Fusion too long to write cream shadow in Songe to even out the colour of my lids as well, and Clarins Instant concealer on the undereye area.


I feel this picture is a good example of why you need blusher or bronzer after you’ve applied foundation. Admittedly, I’ve only used a thin layer, and sheered it out somewhat, and  do have pretty great cheekbones to begin with, but the face is currently somewhat lacking in dimension. So we’re going to put some dimension back in, enhancing the features we want to stand out, while diminishing the prominence of others.

All lit up

Thus far I’ve worked with cream products, so we’re sticking with that. I’ve applied a bit of Benefit Watt’s up!, a lovely creamy highlighter, on the top of my cheekbones, and blended it. Now, I want glowy and sculpted, so I’ve also added Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector in strategic places and blended that with my finger. I applied Dim Light from my Ambient Lighting Palette underneath the eyes, across my forehead and on my chin.

All Lit Up

And just to show you’s the starting point of the shading – I took one of the darker shades from my Anastasia Contour Kit on a soft brush and applied it at my temples going upwards, and underneath my cheekbones going down from my ears to a point just past the outer corner of my eye, moving down towards the lip. On a smaller brush I took the lightest brown shade and lightly ran it through my crease along my jaw and on either side of my nose. And blend. I used the same shade on top of the darker colour as well to blend it. If you’re new to contouring, however, start out with the lightest shade and build it up. I’ve been playing around with my kit some, so I know where I want more intensity and more depth and will be applying a darker shade anyways.

All Lit Up

After I was happy with the “shadows” created I dusted Incandescent Light on top of my cheekbones and my nosebridge as well as under the brows and on my moving lid and inner corner of the eye. I also took the matte highlighter shade from my Anastasia palette along my jaw, and added a bit of Radiant Light from the Hourglass palette just below the Incandescent light.

You could stop here, do your mascara and brush your brows in place. I prefer a bit more definition to my brows, so I took my Guerlain eyebrow kit to give shape to my brows, going over the hairs afterwards using a tiny bit of Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate. I don’t want it on the skin, just to tint the hairs. I also used the darkest shade from the Guerlain eyebrow kit as a soft eyeliner for a little bit of a cat eye flick.

All Lit Up

In my instagram photo I was wearing Desirable from Estée Lauder, but here I’m wearing Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer in la Petite Robe Noire. Also, I felt I was lacking some colour today, and was planning on switching to a red lippie later on, so I patted on a bit of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure.

Hope you liked this, and will keep me in your bloglovin feed (a rather brill way to keep track of the blogs you enjoy), and I’ll definitely see you when I get back.

And if you happen to meet me (though if I’m crying my eyes out over leaving Teyla you might not recognize me) feel free to say hi, and maybe hand me a tissue to wipe away the tears and mascara stains.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Good luck with your trip and research! This is some amazing sculpting! Can’t believe how long and fluttery your lashes are after the mascara! Very jealous 😉

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks Sunny 🙂 there is a chance that the lashes are more a result of the stimulash serum that I use when I remember to do so than the grandiose, but hey, as long as it works 😉

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