Dior Cuir Cannage – Not Another Neutral Palette


Now, I know I promised to do a little play-by-play on how I recreated a Space NK look that I posted on instagram, but I’m currently on my third try and I’m just not happy with the resulting photos – I seem to have a lot of trouble these days – so it’s on my never-ending to-do list, but what with work and, to use a very clinical, accurate term, stuff taking up a most of the daylight hours, it might still be a while ’till I can have it up. Instead I’ve got another long-winded review for yous.

When I saw the first few pics of the reformulated line of Dior eyeshadow palettes there were four that caught my eye: Trafalgar, Pied-de-Poule (can’t pronounce that) Jardin (I pronounce that as I would in Spanish), and Cuir Cannage (can’t pronounce that either). I actually gave a French tourist a bit of a laugh as I apologetically smiled and told him in, apparently fluid, French that I don’t speak French.

When I found reviews of Pied-de-Poule online I figured there just wasn’t enough variety within the palette, and also reviews were very mixed, so that was quickly out. Trafalgar, as another one of the LE palettes from the release, is a different story entirely and you can find my review here. Jardin is an interesting mix of colours, but after Sara swatched it for me I found that it wouldn’t see enough use to justfy the purchase, and also, I had too many similar shades already. Speaking of having too many similar shades in the stash – a frequently occuring phenomenon and not just in the Muji acrylic drawers and Malm dressers of beauty bloggers – you’d think that with all three of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes and the first of the Naked Basics my neutral eyeshadow needs would be covered. Then again, you’d think a chocolate craving could be fulfilled by a piece of chocolate, and who hasn’t struggled with the urge to consume the whole bar?

Dior cuir cannage trafalgar

I actually was going to pass on this one, thinking the shades too closely related to those of my Naked and Naked Basics palettes, but two of my favourite reviewers, Sara and Sunny, did their thing and I figured I at least had to try it on in store only to find that this particular palette effortlessly gave the the results that I’d struggled for a long time achieving with my other palettes.

So yes, I indulged in another piece of luxurious chocolate.

796 cuir cannage dior

The sleek, dark blue casing is delivered in a velvet pouch along with a sheet with suggestions of how to use the palette. I took a glance at the “manual” accompanying the Trafalgar palette before throwing it. The sheet accompanying this one quickly met the same fate, and I went on to applying all five – from what I’ve heard the sheets suggests dividing the palette into two trios, using either the two upper or the two lower shades with the middle shade as the third for a natural or sophisticated look. Sure. I’ll take one tiny piece of chocolate and just eat half of it. Said no sensible woman ever.

Dior Cuir Cannage 796

The quint is accompanied by two dinky little double-ended applicators, including a brush, a slim sponge tip that I use for a precise application of the shades underneath the eyes, and two larger sponge tipped ends. They work alright, but except for the slim sponge tip, I’d rather just use these in case of an emergency. The mirror covers all of the inside lid, so it will do for touch-ups, and I’d miss it if it wasn’t there, but I’d still recommend getting hold of a larger mirror for the initial application.

Dior 796 Cuir Cannage

The five shades, starting with the upper left consists of a deep, plummy bronze brown, similar, but not quite identical to that of the Trafalgar quint, the latter being almost indiscernibly redder than the former.

The upper right is your traditional creamy, shimmery highlighter shade, although very unlike the highlighter shades of Trafalgar, as it swatches slightly denser and less frosty.

The middle shade is a lovely, matte medium brown.

In the lower left corner is a shimmery medium brown. I find that on me the shade applies like the shimmery counterpart to the center shade. Actually, if I’d wanted, I could work these two with a bit of highlight for that casual, natural-but-defined kind of look that I haven’t been able to achieve before, as the shades I’ve had has been too frosty or too matte. These, however straddles the line perfectly, providing a glowy, multi-dimensional look.

What completes this little beauty, however, is the lower right shade. A gorgeous coffee-brown with a satin sheen, this shade can be applied to deepen the crease or as a liner, or if one is in the mood for an intense, sultry smokey eye I’m sure this would provide a look to rival that of Mila Kunis.

Swatches Dior Cuir Cannage 796

What really exites me about this palette, though, apart from the shade selection on the variety of textures is the superb blendability. The shades goes on smoothly and blends effortlessly. Simply dreamy. Also, I (almost) always advice applying eyemakeup first – before your foundation, concealer – the works. There are two reasons for this, one being that if you’re not happy with results you spend much less time on removing a full face of makeup that you’d also spent a lot of time applying (or removing just the eyemakeup and create an even base afterwards, which can sometimes be harder than just starting over).

The second – fall out. It’s just so much easier and less time-consuming removing it from an otherwise bare face, than cleaning it up and evening out afterwards. With Cuir Cannage, though, fall out hasn’t been an issue. I’ve layered and blended all five shades for a soft smokey eye and there hasn’t been one stray grain of eyeshadow to clean up. Not with the shimmers, not with the matte, and in particular not with the almost-black shade that I thought would adhere to my undereye area like glue. So. No fall out.

Cuir Cannage On a side note, I did have a bit of trouble photographing the palette. I initially took my photos at about 17.00, but found that the afternoon light made the palette appear very cool, so I took a few photos the next morning only to find that the palette still appeared quite cool in tone, whereas the shades translated very warm in Sara’s review, and only slightly less so in Sunny’s. Then I tried using various backgrounds, and found that this influenced the appearance of the shades somewhat, bringing out more or less of the warmth in the palette or the plum in the upper left shade.

I am glad to hear this is in the permanent lineup, as I found that it did a lovely job of enhancing my green eyes – I’ll admit, to the point that I almost did like Narccissus and forgot about everything else for a bit, mezmerized by my own reflection, studying the flecks of gold that and trying to decide which shade of green it brought out. So green-eyed beauties, you might find Cuir Cannage particularly interesting.

All in all, I am one happy makeupjunkie.

What treasures have you all found in the fall releases?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    I love the photos here and you totally cracked me up! “Sure. I’ll take one tiny piece of chocolate and just eat half of it. Said no sensible woman ever.” My thoughts exactly :p

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart that you wear Cuir Cannage SO. INCREDIBLY. WELL. Sure, I think this quint would work on many, many people, but on you it’s pure magic! Not sure if it’s your green eyes or maybe your skin tone plus your eye color. Anyways, I love it!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thanks, Sunny 🙂
      I don’t know what it is either, but I’m considering leaving my Naked palettes at home when I go, because this is so pretty, and as you pointed out, the colours and textures just make sense. There’s no guesswork to it and there’s no need to add any extra shades to the mix. It just works!

  2. Well, if that one isn’t designed for you… But then again I think you look good in everything you try, so I am undecided if that is the quint, you or the combination, but the end result is so perfect.
    Thanks so much for the link love Xox

    1. sirilovise says:

      Haha! Vielen Dank, Sara. I don’t know what it is, but if not for you and Sunny reviewing this, I’d probably gone on with my life, never knowing that there was a magical palette of nudes out there 😉

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