The Teylamail 16 – Celebrating Mam’s tenth year in the city that’s been my home for a year

alaskan huskyHey all.

You probably saw some photos on Mam’s instagram from when we went for the highest walk I’ve ever been on. It was me, Dad, Mam and two of my aunties, and we were up so high. This year actually marks Mam’s tenth year in the city – and my first – and that’s ten years without ever visiting this mountaintop. Until now. I’m such a good influence on her. And the best part was that there was a man waiting fo rme at the top, who was just sitting there holding out a slice of bread for me, but for some reason everyone was shocked when I took it out of his hand. I mean, it had to be for me, he was just sitting there! Anyways, he was really nice, a true dog person, and he shared more of his food with me, so I kept an eye on him all the while we were at the top just in case he had more bread to give me.

Want to know what it’s like at 1238 metres above sea level? Have a looksee!

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha yay for bread! If food is within your sight, I say it’s for you! The dog I lived with (she passed away a couple of years ago because she got very old) once bit off a chunk of carrot from my hand, because I was sitting in the sofa and letting my hand dangle way too low 😉

    1. sirilovise says:

      Oooh! I’d love to live with you, Sunny. I like your philosophy. And I do like carrots. I try telling Mam and Dad all the time that they should give me their food, but instead I’m told off and have to search for crumbs when they’re done. So selfish, but I love them anyways.

  2. Haha great pics! You’re looking well!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Thank you, MakeUpMonster:) I do try to keep fit and eat regularly 😉

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