Nobody does French Kisses like Guerlain

Kiss KissThere are several kinds of kisses, but the prettiest ones are made by Guerlain. Indeed, with their revamped Kiss Kiss they’ve reinvented the idea of the French Kiss.

Yes, you may have read those lines before as my review of the Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks was one of Escentual’s fave reviews for the month of August.

Now, why would I post a review there before even doing one for my blog? Well, I took the photos immediately after recieving my lipstick orders from the site, but I just couldn’t muster the energy to edit and post the photos. Probably also because I wasn’t 100% happy with the photos, either, but I was very eager to try them on. It’s me. It’s Guerlain. There was no other way you’d get to see the sleek untouched bullets of utter fabulousness with their little letters of KissKiss imprinted on the side.

The Kiss Kiss lipstick is not in itself a new invention – there used to be another one but I never liked it much, in a gold casing that didn’t appeal to me much. The newly launched edition, however is encased in a sleek black housing with the Guerlain logo imprinted in the gold square at the top. The Guerlain logo is also engraved at the base of the lipstick. If you’re fond of your little black dresses, this is the perfect jewel to accompany those. Also, the cap seems to snap securely shut, so no worries about ths one rolling about in your purse.While I do miss the magnetic closure of Estée Lauders Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks, apart from that this is what I want my high-end lipsticks to be (although I’ve long since forgiven my Rouge Automatiques for being less uhm… hefty).

Kiss Kiss

It’s not only the packaging they’ve revamped though. From what I remember of the old one there’s a whole different shade range, one that appeals to me a lot more, as well as a revamping of the formula. The new Kiss Kiss is a lot more hydrating than its predecessor. I’ve found that I can get through a whole day at work using only these for moisturizing. This might not seem like a great feat, but take into consideration my dry skin and that I work in a very dry environment, and it adds up to something.

Now, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I enjoy reapplying my lipstick. The smooth sensation, the feeling of luxury. I’ve even come to realize that there’s very little point in my spending any more on liquid lipstick formulas and lip pencils, as I simply enjoy the traditional lipstick that much more. This, however, means that I’m not a good judge of lipstick longevity, as I frequently reapply for no other reason than the pleasure of it.

Kiss Kiss

I might note that the lightweight, slightly glossy formula doesn’t hold up very well against eating and drinking. That said, it does a great job of evening out the lip surface, making lips appear smooth and healthy. While the name states that the lipstick is shaping, I must say I don’t see much of a result in that respect the way I do with Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks, but I am pleased to note that I don’t experience feathering with these lipsticks. Taking into consideration how the Kiss Kiss feels a lot more emollient and fluid than the Lauder offering, I view that as quite a feat.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss, Red Hot, Rouge Kiss, Red Passion, Cherry Pink

The shades I got was #321 Red Passion, a lovely, creamy red, and probably the least glossy of the lot. It’s a bright shade that somehow manages to remain classy and understated. Natalia Vodianova has been the face of Guerlain for a long time – the woman just don’t seem to age and can carry any look – and this time she wears #325 Rouge Kiss. Obviously I had to add this bright red with a touch of coral to my collection. This isn’t fully opaque, but I like to think that lends the shade more versatility. A shade that spoke to me “You want to wear me in fall and all through the darker months” was #328 Red Hot. On me this swatches sightly browner than Red Passion, resultng in a more muted appearance. The last of the lot was #362 Cherry Pink. A glossy, translucent berry shade with fine particles of glitter. The glitters are very subtle though, and the only time I really notice is upon application as the bullet feels slightly gritty. It never pulls or tugs, though, and goes on as smoothly as the rest.


Upon placing my order the ones I thought I wanted were the only ones I couldn’t find swatches of, but while I anxiously waited for my order to arrive Sara was a great help putting my worries at ease. I do recommend you have a look at her review of her little haul. I’m actually considering getting Pinky Groove that she’s swatched here.

By the way, Santa’s Secretary, if you’re reading this you might add Red on Fire, Sugar Kiss, Peach Fizz, Sexy Coral, Fall in Rose and Baby Rose to the list. I haven’t tried them all for myself, but I think the slight translucency, which is more apparent in the lighter shades, increases versatility with reagrds to skintone as it allows for more of the natural lipcolour to shine through.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha that is a good haul and an even better wish list! I have Rouge Kiss and Pink Groove. I really must try them soon (for the moment there is a bit of a queue though)! They do swatch well, so I am really looking forward to it!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the line, Sunny 🙂

  2. All these shades look like perfection!

  3. Vanessa says:

    All the shades you chose are BEAUTIFUL. And Natalia V is like, insanely gorgeous it’s not even fair. I’ve recently started to love lipstick a little more, and I just love looking at how perfect and smooth new bullets are. I’m also the worst at determining lipstick longevity too, because I usually just smudge in the sheerest amount onto my lips and wipe off before eating. Rouge Kiss is definitely my favourite of the bunch, just because I do love my corals 😀

    1. sirilovise says:

      Hey, Vanessa 🙂
      The Kiss Kiss are, in my opinion, brill for you as you’ll find a lot of different textures and varying degrees of opacity while you’re experimenting and getting used to seeing yourself with lipstick. Rouge Kiss in particular, as it can be easily sheered out 😉 Your post on lipsticks remind me of back when – When lipstick was for the elderly (lipgloss was huge), and I thought that I’d never be comfortable wearing bold or vampy shades (and I thought it made my lips look small). These days I rarely wear lipstick, and I’ll happily try some of the darkest shades in store because I might *need* it.

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