The Teylamail 15 – The one you’ll read because you love nature and sunsets.

So, you’ll remember how Mam and Dad went boating without me? Well, they’re not all bad, because they took me walking one evening with Grandma and Dad’s aunt. Now, obviously I could just create a gallery, but I figured you might want to take some time to take it all in in your own time – because Mam’s really lucky once in a while, which means that once in a while she’ll take a few good shots. Have a looksee!


Here we are at some sort of attraction. Someone’s put a mailbox up here – I kind of envy the postman’s dog who get to walk all the way up here with the mail – and apparently everyone who stops here writes their name in the book. Mam didn’t want to put ink on my paw, though, so you won’t find my signature in there. We didn’t stop there, luckily – or this would’ve been a very short ed of The Teylamail.

Alaskan husky, Konsvik

Here I am. We stopped here for a mo’ before continuing up the hill.

Alaskan husky

Here I am with Mam. Look at that sunset in the distance!

The Black Ice

And in the other direction: Mountains! And a glacier called The Black Ice. Someone must’ve thought it was quite a joke because even I can see that it’s white!


Lets have another look at that sunset, though.


And another one!

Sunset over Konsvik

And did I mention the cotton candy clouds?

Cotton Candy Clouds

Sunset over Konsvik

The lone bench

Mam and I also went on a walk without the rest, but it was a foggy evening, so we didn’t get any good photos, though I quite like this one.

Alaskan husky

It was grand going for such long walks, smelling lots of new places. We also went walking just me and Mam and Grandma, but it wasn’t such a steep walk. Weather was nice, though, so Mam had me pose for another couple of photos.

Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky

So that was the last of the vacation posts. But keep an eye on Mam’s Instagram, and you’ll get to see a lot more pics of me. Did you see us at 1238 metres above sea level?



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    Wow, the view is breathtaking! I love that last shot of you and the one with your mom! Do you always wear a harness?

  2. sirilovise says:

    Thanks, Sunny 🙂 We had to stop several times to wait for Mam and call for her because she was so busy taking photos.
    No, not always. It’s just that I enjoy pulling so much so I do it all the time, whether it’s Mam and Dad on rollerblades or skiing or simply when Mam and I go running, and the harness distributes the pull of the leash so it’s more comfortable than having it attached to my collar. My harness is the sort used by pro sleighdogs, so I don’t mind. I can almost put it on myself, as long as Mam or Dad holds it up for me.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Insanely gorgeous sunset; I would’ve loved to be there for the photos! *-* See, if I go hiking with my dog, she’ll usually slow me down (shhhhh) by taking her time to sniff things. And, I’m terrified for her when she goes too close to the cliffs D:

    1. sirilovise says:

      Mam was so nervous on one of our walks I could smell it. Not because she’s scared of heights, but because she was worried I might fall over the edge or that herself might put a foot in the wrong place and fall down.
      Mam hardly ever takes the time to let me sniff. She’s all “here” and “let’s go”, but when I pull on the leash she’ll always take her time. What kind of dog d’you have, Vanessa? does she have long legs for running and jumping up on the sofa or short legs so that she needs help getting up?

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