The Teylamail 14 – In which I steal Mam’s photos from the time she and Dad met a whale without me!


Hey, all.

I’ve decided that Mam’s photos were too interesting to ignore, in spite of the fact that she and Dad left on a trip during our holiday without me. So while she’s sleeping – Can you imagine? Still nursing that cold! – I’ve decided to blog about their daytrip out on a boat.

Personally, I was quite annoyed by their leavng me for hours and hours, all for going out on a boat. There’s no fun in that at all, and the weather was overcast and gray until they got back. But y’knows, stubborn humans, they went anyways, litterally chasing waterfalls.



Apparently the area once was volcanic, and while Mam wasn’t entirely convinced by the captain, despite the sign in the cabin saying “Nobody’s perfect – except the Captain”, she did take some photographs as they passed by the cliffs and rocks.



Yup. I know. They left cute little me for that? Well, that and a whale that they weren’t even guaranteed they’d get to see. But in the end they did, so I suppose it wasn’t all a waste on their part.

Grindhvalen i Melfjord





It could’ve been disastrous, though, and Mam’s still annoyed with herself because of it. Apparently she did a lot of clicking on the camera, but had forgotten to set it to autofocus. I suppose it was because it was raining so she couldn’t see properly and was hurrying the photos, after all, not like she could get the whale to stop and pose, but a lot of the pics were blurry.

She did so a fairly good portrait of Dad, though, so while she makes quite a few silly mistakes, she sometimes gets it right.


Don’t you think?

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Teyla, oh how dare them! That’s no way to treat a dog 😉 The whale is pretty cool though! I’d like to go on a whale- or dolphin-watching boat trip when I have the chance.

    1. sirilovise says:

      I know! The Horror! Even if it would’ve been boring – I wouldn’t have been allowed to play with the whale – they still should’ve brought me. But then again, they sould bring me everywhere so I can keep an eye on them, and now that we’re back home again they spend a lot of time out of the house. They claim that they’re working, earning money to pay for treats, but I’m not so sure. I don’t think my treats are expensive enough to warrant that much time spent out of the house.
      You know, you really ought to visit Northern Norway sometime. We’ve got a bit of everything 😉 But wait until Kissa gets better, though. It’s hard not having your Mam around when you’re not feeling too good.

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