The Teylamail 12 – Lovely Lofoten

Mam and Dad took me to the vet one day to get shots, and then they put me in the back of the car and we drove for hours and hours and hours. But I’m a good girl, so I didn’t complain. I decided it was best just to let them drive, while I got a good rest out of it all. When we finally arrived at our destination, I was very excited to meet uncle and grandmother again. And then I got to meet my great grandmother. She was nice. She gave me lots and lots of treats, even though Mam and Dad said no. I also got to meet Mam’s Uncles and Aunt. One of them was kinda scary, but he gave me treats anyways.


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Alaskan husky

Husky playing




We went rollerblading and swimming and walking and then it was all over, and we had to get in the car again – going even further south. We went so far south that we passed the Arctic Circle – whatever that is.

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  1. Sunny says:

    Hahaha treats huh, Teyla? I bet you can’t wait to see your great grandmother again 🙂

    I love that photo of you galloping on the beach! You’re such a strong girl ❤

  2. sirilovise says:

    As long as she brings food, Sunny 😉 I like everybody, but my fave humans are the ones that give me treats.

    It was so much fun, even if I had sand everywhere. Dad complained for the rest of the holidays about sand in the car.

    When Mam and Dad are wearing rollerblades, or if Mam weas her rollerblades and Dad rides a bike I can pull them both. When we visited the vet they put me on a scale and found that I was 16,5 kg. I suppose being so strong, and at the same time so small, that makes me Superdog – but that’s a secret. I’m even wearing my Transformers dog tag so as to not break my cover 😉

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