The Teylamail 11 – The Last Homely Walk


Hey all!

I’m so excited to be home again. Ok, so we didn’t explicitly tell yous, but as I’m sure you could tell from Mam’s instagram, Mam, and Dad and myself went on a little drive. For two weeks! I’ve got lots and lots of pictures to show you, so I’m not sure Mam will get her computer back for a while. Oh – and that too has been away, getting all fixed because there was something wrong with it. Works now, though, so we’re back to blogging, the lot of us.

Before we went away, though, we went for a walk with Godfather, Sossi, Auntie and a couple of friends. I couldn’t get their written consent to post their photos in time, so I had Mam cut them out of the pictures. They were there, though.

Mam’s still got that cold – turns out she wasn’t entirely well after the last bout, so she’s been sniffling for the two weeks we were away as well as the week it took for the computer to come home – but I hope we can all go for nice little walks like this as well.

Anyways, here it is – the last walk before we left home.


Dad and me

Mam and me





Sossi’s an Alaskan husky too, even if we look nothing alike. Apparently, even though most folks recognize me as a husky, and some even as an Alaskan husky, “Alaskan husky” isn’t recognized as a breed. I actually heard someone say that that anything that’s mixed with husky is Alaskan husky. Me and my siblings being the fourth, maybe fifth generation of Alaskan husky, I resent that! I think.

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