The Teylamail 09 – Swimming Ducks

MallardMam and Dad took me bird-watching. It was really interesting, but I was afraid to swim out to the ducks, and they wouldn’t come close enough for me to play with – not like the duck that walked into our livingroom. Once again, see Mam’s instagram.

Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky


Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky

Alaskan husky

I wish they’d hav stayed so we could’ve played in the water together.


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  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Teyla, did you get to play with the one that walked into the living room? Was it fun? My cats love to do a bit of bird-watching as well, and they make a clickey-click noise as they do so. It’s funny 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      No! And I wanted to say hi real bad, but Dad held me by the collar so I couldn’t get anywhere. That clickey noise sounds amusing. Can you video it? I know mam put up some video of me on her Instagram – and I saw some of your pics as well when I borrowed her phone earlier 😉

      1. Sunny says:

        I can try, but I’m not sure the noise will register! I’ll keep you posted if it works!

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