Feelunique’s Got Me Feeling Lucky – And I Got The Bronze Of Champions

Bronze of ChampionsA couple of weeks ago I recieved a very lovely email from the folks at Feelunique, telling me that I’d won their Benefit Giveaway. My prize, should I choose to accept, was Benefit’s The Bronze of Champions kit. Obviously I said “Thank you very much. Here are my details.”

Well, a few days ago a parcel arrived, and after ripping off the carton I found a nifty little package filled with summer bronze goodness. I’ll tell you straight away that I’d considered quite a few times purchasing the Bikini-Tini Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, but I was skeptical after the reformulation, and I considered their original ones to be amongst the very best. I needn’t have worried, but more on that.

The box itself is shaped like a book. You know the ones used for hiding little trinkets and stuff? You can even take out the cardboard insert holding the products in place and put it in the bookshelf with all your secrets contained within, and only a beautyjunkie would be wiser. There’s a good-sized mirror in the lid, and attached is an easy how-to on achieving a bronzed look using these products.

Bronze of Champions
Clockwise from upper left: Watt’s Up! Bikini-Tini, Thanks a Latte, Hoola Bronzer, Ultra Plush Lipgloss in Hoola

Nestled within the box is a sample-size They’re real Mascara – a HG product for many that I’m looking forward to testing, but will refrain from doing so until next I need a mini. A small pot of Bikini-Tini Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, Longwear Powder Shadow in Thanks a Latte, Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter for Face, Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola and another product I’ve heard many a blogger rave about but never comitted to buy myself, the Hoola Bronzer Powder – and now I get what the raving’s about!

The product that has me the most excited is probably the ream shadow. Bikini-Tini is the perfect gold champagne to brighten the eye area and lift your look, with the perfect amount of sheen to go from daytime to night. And they haven’t messed too much with the formula – It’s still creaseless and buildable. Having tried this little pot, though, I wish this was the regular size (with a prize to match), because I’ve had Birthday Suit for years, and it’s just nostalgia that’s kept me from tossing it. You’ll never go through a pot that size before it becomes unhygienic to use. I’m just saying.

Next up is the Thanks a Latte, whch is a taupey bronze shimmer – and you know I love my taupes. This goes on top of Bikini-Tini smoothly, no primer needed. Back when I first saw Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher I fell headlessly in love with her makeup – I still do every time I watch that movie – and went in search of the best shade I could find to emulate her look. Thanks a Latte’s it!

The Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola is nothing special in terms of lipgloss. It’s not sticky or drying, but it doesn’t show up much either. Not more or less than any other gloss.  That said, I’m not that into lipgloss, and much prefer wearing a lipstick. Nevertheless, this one’s coming with me on my next trip to anywhere.

Watt’s Up! is a gorgeous little number. The shade is a gold champagne, a bit sheerer than Bikini-Tini, but very similar. It goes on smooth, and then I forget all about it until I see myself in a mirror. It provides a lovely, enhanced but natural glow, which is really good, because Hoola is a matte bronzer, and you’ll be wanting a bit of shimmer to enhance those cheekbones after you’ve contoured.

Now for the Hoola Bronzer that everyone’s been raving about. I’ve had it in my basket more than twice, but never pressed “Checkout”. Just looking at it I thought it’d be too orange for my complexion, but as it turns out I can even use this as a contour, and just look like I’ve been out for a walk on the beach. Quite a feat as I’ve been spending the majority of the sunny days inside working. Guess what – People who has to work indoors don’t want to hear all about how lovely it is outside until shoppers actually make it so that they can close up shop early and go out to enjoy the rare warm spell. But I digress. On me this is a very natural bronzer, an to my surprise I can even use the little brush that came with the kit. I can see myself repurchasing this in about three years, when I’ve run out of bronzers.

Anyways, to sum up this kit, there are only a few things missing, such as a concealer and a brow product, and maybe a mattifying, redness-blasting powder and you’d have the perfect kit for a getaway. It’s also a great gift for the girl or woman just starting out.

If you’re interested you can find The Bronze Of Champions here, but what I’m curious to know is how do you guys get your bronze?


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  1. Sunny says:

    Yaay lucky you! What an amazing kit to win from a giveaway 🙂

    For the moment, my go-to bronzer is Dior Matte Cinnamon. I think it’s just right for my summer complexion! Thanks a Latte has been on my wish list since it was launched as well 🙂

    1. sirilovise says:

      The dior bronzers are lovely, indeed. I’ve got last years bronze/blush combos and they’re still some of the most blendable, natural bronzers I own. I wanted to bring thanks a latte and hoola on holiday, but in the end i found the kit took up too much space. It’s a lovely everyday shade, though, and I can definitely see how any taupe loving beauty junkie like myself might find a spot in the collection for it 😉

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