Get Ready For International Lipstick Day

The Eight WondersSorry about the lack of activity here on the blog, but I just haven’t had the energy to sit down, adjust light and reduce photosize or even decide if I’m happy with the photos or have to do a retake, let alone actually write something, though I’ve might been compensating for this on my instagram which as it turned out I’ve become addicted to.

I did however pull myself together in order to prepare everyone for International Lipstick Day by showing you some of my favourites. Choosing a fave from so many good contenders is tough. Come to think, realizing that I’ve actually got not just one, but several lipsticks that I love, if you’d asked me for my faves ten years ago I’d probably tell you that I never wear lipstick, it doesn’t look good on me and I prefer gloss.  Funny how people change.

So having gone from “I can’t wear that” to “I wish I could wear that” and on to “Should I go with the berry Guerlain or the nude Estée or maybe I’d be better off wearing UD Catfight?” I daresay I’m pretty experienced in the field, so before handing you my current loves and the reasons I love them, here’s my advice for easing into lipstick.

First of all, when I was a girl lipstick was worn by adults, and I thought a lot of makeup and a bold shade of lipstick was the same – I’ve noticed a lot of adults still have those two confused, but more on that later. The shade was mostly browns, nudes or brick reds, and the coolest girls didn’t wear it. Instead they wore lipgloss and lined their lips with a darker shades (no blending) in order for their lips to look better. Raise your hands if you remember Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth in their Baywatch heydays. By the way – I always thought Gwen Stefani looked fab with her signature red lippie. I just didn’t think I could pull it off, so I turned to gloss, which incidentally was to steal the scene for the longest time.

Then came the nude lipstick. Concealer-nude lipstick and overly bronzed skin. I’m not going to treat you to a “lipproducts through the ages” here, but those were my teens. And it wasn’t until my late teens that I started my ventures into bolder territory.

I’d tried a bit of this, and a bit of that, not quite settling in. I’d pretty much mastered the smokey eye, and I’d never wear a non-nude lip with it, when I decided I wanted to wear a Christmas-red lip to a party. Only, I thought red lipstick made my lips look smaller. Instead I took the MUAs advice and went with a sheer red gloss applied over a blended red liner.

So my first advice on easing into the bold lipsticks, make a minor change. Try going for a bolder shade of gloss, or a tint and maybe use a lipliner, or a sheer lipstick like Chanels Coco Shine, Diors Addict line, or Cliniques Chubby Sticks. Just make sure it’s sheer and glossy, so your lips will still feel like yours, and the shade won’t make them seem smaller.

I don’t remember much from this point on except from a few wardrobe choices that made me crave a bolder, orangey shade of red, and somehow between then and now I not only got used to wearing a lipstick instead of a gloss, but people around me are accustomed to seeing me with a bold shade on my lips. And it makes me smile, which mght be my best advice whatever you wear – SMILE.

Also, make sure you’ve got a balm at the ready, and use lipsticks that feel comfortable on lips. Otherwise you’re just not going to want to wear them.

So, in honour of lipstick day, and before I find another fave shade of lipstick (Guerlain’s relaunching/releasing -not sure which – Kiss Kiss), here are the ones I love the best – also known as the eight wonders of the lipstick world. I don’t know why, but for some reason the swatches came out a lot bluer than IRL, so keep a lookout for my instagram, as I’ll probably be wearing one or ten in the occasional selfie shot.

The Eight Wonders

The One Size Fits All

As you’ve probably experienced, one sice never fits all, but one can dream, and the best contender I’ve found for this claim is Urban Decay’s Catfight from their Revolution line. I was skeptical about this shade, a reddened pink, but thing is, it’s pink enough to be fresh, fun and modern, yet red enough to be classic and not too sweet. Funny thing about this bold lippie is that it seems to go with (almost) any skintone – even had a colleague try it the other day – and it goes with most occasions too.

The Most Lust-Worthy

I’d been wearing quite a few different looks when a Temptalia review put Guerlain’s Orgueil Rouge G L’Extrait on my radar. This vampy shade was darker than anything else in my collection at the time as well as a very luxurious product to have. I tried to resist, but in the end I had to have the liquid lipstick in it’s sleek casing. Bonus points for the handy mirror.

The Stand-Out Nude

Obviously, these shades aren’t for eveyone, and for the longest time I always found nude lipsticks looking strange on me. I just can’t handle the shades that almost blends with your skin and I don’t understand how anyone can wear those shades. That said, my fave nude is from the same brand that makes my pet-peeve shade of nude (Estée Lauder Vanilla Truffle). The best nude shade I’ve found is Desirable from Estée Lauders new line of Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks. Not too pale, too pink, too beige, too anything. And it adds a lovely sheen to my lips without being glossy.

The Cool-girl Red

Urban Decay’s 69, another fave from the Revolution line. This is the kind of lipstick that should be handed out for free during times of crisis, because the shade will make you smile, and smiles are contagious. It’s a very modern, bright shade wint none of the drama, and the perfect shade for effortless “I just slicked this on (because I’m so effortlessly perfect) and left”. Or maybe the perfection lies in the way it draws away attention from the stuff you’re less happy with, and just brightens your whole face.

The Make Me Happy Shade

Another Estée Lauder Pure Color Sculpting. I’m in love with the formula and it can actually be worn throughout the day without adding balm. Anyways, for summer I fell in love with the red-orange shade Impassioned. It’s the kind of bright that will make you happy and give a boost when you’re looking towards a crappy day. Lipstick makes people happier, and this one really does a great job of it.

The Easygoing Summershade

Guerlain’s Nahema, a Mostly Sunny rec,  is a definite fave. As part of the Rouge Automatique line the packaging alone is to die for, but the shade is brill too. A sheer shimmery orange coral this is a great option for summer and for those easing in to lipstick. Obviously the pricetag might be more than a lipstick novice might be willing to part with, but my philosophy is that it’s better to go with one thing you know you’ll want to wear than try twenty cheaper alternatives that just won’t quite make the cut.

The Irresistible

Estée Lauder launched their Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks in spring, a time when I normally start craving brighter shades of red. With this launch however, a shade that I tried to convince myself could wait until spring was Red Ego. A burgundy red perfect for fall, and also perfect with just any white tee and jeans pairing, I couldn’t resist it. And I’ve even worn it during the warmer days we’ve been having. It’s irresistible. And a great booster for my ego.

The Little Black Dress Equivalent

Clinique Longwear Soft Matte lipstick. I had a friend going to the UK pick up some stuff for me. Among some other stuff, she got me Matte Magenta and it’s love. You’d think I’d choose a red lipstick as my “LBD” lipstick, but this bright, blue-toned pink is too edgy to be ignored, too classy to be passé and too gorgeous to not wear to a party or ten. It feels very lightweight on the lips and comfortable like a balm – even more so because it doesn’t feel sticky. It’s a lipstick that I’ll wear with a jeans and tee, with my summer dresses and one I can see myself wearing with one of my fave party dresses come winter as well. It’s fairly low maintenance stuff, and doesn’t dry out my lips, though I like to slick on some balm during lunchbreak, just so I can start over afterwards.

What are your fave lipsticks, and more importantly, have you chosen one for tomorrow?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    I had NO idea it’s International Lipstick Day tomorrow! Thanks for the link love! I’m so glad you like Nahema. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

    My list would be pretty boring. It’d feature a lot of corals, maybe some fun pinks, a lot of Dior Addict Extremes, and a lot of Guerlain!

    1. sirilovise says:

      Haha! I was actually suprised to find that Guerlain didn’t take up more slots with me, but then there is that Kiss Kiss launch, and I don’t think I dare buy another lipstick until I’ve had a go at that – just in case I’ll find yet another fave formula.
      I seem to recall you doing some fave lippies posts already, though? Anyways, What will you be wearing? I expect to see a selfie;)
      I’ll be working at the beautycounter tomorrow, so I think I’ll be mixing it up with a lot of stuff that isn’t in my stash 😉

      1. Sunny says:

        Yeah I did an edition of favorite summer lippies not so long ago! I actually pulled Nahema out today to match a bronzy look I did. It’ll be up on the blog this week 😉 You have fun! tomorrow!

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